April 9, 2020


EKOS SE. Ekos SE Tonearm Product Information Pro-ject 9cc Tonearm Product Information Manuals – Phono stage for MM / MC cartridges. Find great deals on eBay for Linn Tonearm in Record Players and Home Turntables. LINN AXIS Turntable With Basik Plus Tonearm Goldring Cartridge. The Linn Sondek LP12 is a transcription turntable produced Like most turntable units, many options to partner the LP12 are available (including Linn’s own) for tonearms, cartridges.

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Setting a new performance benchmark, Ekos SE features advanced materials carefully selected for their sound performance and low resonance properties. The suspension mechanism supports hand-wound coils secured in a high-precision rigid assembly, terminated with gold contacts on flying leads for superb signal transmission. Channel Separation at 1 kHz. Each instance is unique with individual pattern. Also shop in Also shop in. Set cartridged your Linn Ekos tonearm with tonrarms unique spirit level 8mm diameter 0.

Manuals – Turntable

Later, external power supplies became de rigueur firstly with the introduction of the Linn Lingo, and later the Radikal. If the TT2 has the tubular sub-chassis then it will be rather coloured, if a little “boppy” with it.

Machined titanium arm tube Ultra-low friction bearings Stainless steel cartrides housing Temperature-compensated springs Long headshell accommodates almost any cartridge. Extra chassis ground wire.

Linn claims that the Keel is an application of its “close-tolerance aluminium machining”, first seen in the ingot casing of the Sondek CD12 CD player. Heybrook thamselves used an Ittok on one with no difficulties. Audio Research D Stereo Amp.


This is low output MC type with low 50 hours. Please noe fella’s that we’re NOT talking about an LP12, but a deck that was judged a rung or two down from it – fairly or not What you see in the picture is what you get.

Views Read Edit View history. The coils in the Kandid also feature an extra winding to increase output. In Jack’s son Ivor formed a friendship with Hamish. The Lingo generates two 50 Hz sinusoidal waveforms which it amplifies and sends to the turntable motor — the Valhalla generates a single linh wave. Like most turntable units, many options to partner the LP12 are available including Linn’s own for tonearms, cartridges and, to a much lesser extent, power supplies.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat The time now is This makes it an ideal starting point for any quality vinyl playback system and its performance is more than a match for many expensive moving coil MC designs.

This page was last updated: Kandid uses the finest nude diamond, micro-ridge stylus and benefits from a ceramic boron cantilever for ultra low mass and extremely high rigidity. It can be used for any type of arm. Adikt is fitted as standard to the Majik LP With regard to the OC5 and 9 – the 5 is OK but not in the same class as the others mentioned; the 9 is not to my taste at all – far too yin and not enough yang as they used to say in the Absolute Soundjust too lean and emotionally detached though better in this respect than some Dynavectors.


A 3-point-mounted arm with a large-bore arm tube designed and manufactured in Japan. Ordering More than 1 item??. Changes thereto are elaborated below.

cartridge recommendation for a Linn Ittok

This is the one piece sub-chassis for the Linn Sondek LP By the end of relations between Robertson and the Tiefenbruns had broken down. Sheffield – UK Posts: Inand now operating as Ariston, Hamish showed the turntable under the model name RD11 at the Harrogate show, and set up a distribution network with C. Listening only on the weekend.

The bearing housing height has been increased to improve lubrication; its mounting flange thickness has been substantially increased; the geometry of the top and bottom liners in the bearing housing has been altered to further reduce incidence of rocking. Thickness of the sub-chassis was doubled to improve rigidity, reduce flexing and improve control of the relationship between turntable platter and arm.

New Linn Tone arm Retaining bolts and Locking washers – set of 3. Better than 30 dB. Supplied with Hex Key. Results 1 to 10 of Then, when you do – you’ll be a mile away.

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