November 19, 2020


Heavy Lift News: Tag Kamag SPMT. Kamag SPMT. Sort by Credits Views Date. Sarens Completes Transport and Lift at Fort Hills. SPMT Kamag – Sarens. Views. 5 years ago AS Manual · hp psc photosmart series all-in-one å ‚è€ƒæ‰‹å†Œ. Data Kamag – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. data sheet spmt.

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Kamag SPMT | Heavy Lift News

These trailers have a 53, cubic foot capacity at psi. Please review some of our transporter specifications in the brochures below and contact us for additional information:. Saving a second tractor during transport, allowing self-propelled transport on site, couplable with other brands — visitors at Precision Enterprises Inc. Sarens used axle lines of Kamag SPMTs, 8 jacking towers and a bracing system, along with about t of steel mats and beams, sourced from around the world.

Mining — Road and Offroad Transport. Metallurgy Industry — Transport Solutions. It is due for completion in As soon as the tractor no longer has sufficient power to manage the incline, i. In addition, in contrast to other touch screen technologies, infrared technology does not suffer from any loss in light intensity even after many years of use and requires no calibration whatsoever.

Once the incline has been overcome, the additional driving gear shuts off automatically and speed can be increased again in accordance with the road conditions.

Using 2- 4- or 6-axle modules, the vehicle can be configured so that is it ideally matched to the load being transported. Our staff is completely knowledgeable in our gas delivery systems and how they can meet your requirements.

Kamaag recently proved once again that no load is too heavy — in Norway, an oil-separation installation with a total weight of roughly 15, tons was transported with a Type modular transporter. Optionally it can be provided with a Diesel particulate filter for operations inside the production hall. It will be installed next year, and will bring traffic across the Southern Expressway to the 3. This controlled the SPMT platform levels during movement.


When it comes to visualizing vehicle data, Kamag likewise needs touch panels that have been specially designed to hold up under extreme conditions — and it chose infrared touch panels from the industrial electronics specialists at Syslogic.

KAMAG K2400 2404/2406 self-propelled modular transporter

All the pendulum axles can be controlled individually. Reiner Lohrmann, Head of Development at Kamag, emphasizes the requirements the systems must fulfill in order to be used in these special vehicles. Axle line number 1. Its vehicles are in use at many international airports to push aircraft into their starting positions.

Hydraulic cranes are a safe and efficient way of lifting and positioning heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes do not fit, and fixed lifting structures for work cranes are not an option. For the lift and lowering, all SPMT bogies at each support position were linked and connected to a master computer, 240 enabled them to lift or lower simultaneously in small increments.

Apart from the offroad portfolio of world-record holding Self-Propelled Modular Transporters SPMT and the robust industrial lift and shipyard transporters, the TII Group offers a huge variety of products tailored to the customers demands in transport on public roads and beyond. Hier wird mittels den Fahrzeugen von Kamag ein Airbus A verschoben. Due to the wide supporting base, payloads with a high ka,ag of gravity can be transported.

That makes it possible for us to guarantee long-term, trouble free operation. These technicians provide onsite training, maintenance, repairs, and service.

Brochure for Kamag Modular Transport Series

Because of this flexibility, the variety of applications for this modular transporter is extremely wide. Newsletter sign up Online magazine sign up. Jump to page content Accessibility. The SPMT light modules can be coupled side-by-side mechanically or end-to-end electronically in an open compound. The K25 can be easily coupled with certain competitor brand vehicles. Everything from maximum SPMT travel speed to emergency braking, deceleration, and acceleration had to be carefully planned.


They are successfully used in moving objects in ports and at wharves, in transport. Among the products coming from this region in southern Germany are special vehicles from Kamag, which are put to work around the world in situations where others long ago gave up any hope of doing the job.

Since they could not tilt or deform the bridge, a sophisticated measuring system had to be installed on the bridge to monitor any deformations. Search Search on the website The search function allows you to search the website. The rental includes nitrogen gas, delivery, and pick-up. To make sure the driver has access to such parameters at all times, Kamag turns to infrared touch panels made by the industrial electronics manufacturer Syslogic.

This purchase will allow TCR to eliminate the need to rent a transport unit from Dallas, the closest available base for a transport trailer of this kind. A primary distinguishing factor compared to widely used resistive touch screens is infrared technology, which kmaag based primarily on interrupting beams of light.

Before driving on a critical incline, the driver starts the PPU. North American Transport Solutions. About us RSS feeds Links. The event in Cocoa was a great success and an interesting experience for the visitors. Thanks to the bright automotive display, easy clear operation is also possible even kamab direct sunlight.

Many of them took the opportunity to drive one of the combinations themselves. Nearly unlimited possibilities of connecting modules, allow to move almost any heavy structure or element. HVLFT offers a range of accessories to complement the gantry system: