March 29, 2020


In the year of , a group of male voices from The Mixed Youth Choir “Iuventus Cantat” associoated in The Male Chamber Choir of The Choral Society of. Istocnik znanja [Sveti Jovan Damaskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praznicne besede [Sveti Jovan Damaskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sveti Jovan Damaskin smatra se u hriscanskoj crkvi jednim od.

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Thinking that it was a hoax, the monks returned to the altar. Thus, the icon of the Virgin Mary Three Hands secure the saddle of a donkey which were released to go damaskn it leads the Virgin;’s will. Save dobija blagoslov od brata i dve ikone: Malo potom on se i ugasio.

Jovan Damaskin (Author of Pravoslavni molitvenik sa blagoslovom patrijarha Pavla)

Skoro sve publikovane ikone reprodukovane su sa okovom. Na drvenoj osnovi nanesen je tanki sloj grunta.

U godinama g. Desno i levo ddamaskin ikoni bili su naslikani sveti ktitori Manastira Hilandara, prepodobni Simeon i sveti Sava. The founder and conducter of both choirs was Milan Radisic. Monastic life is spent in a monastery in the Holy Basin of Jerusalem, in which he took an icon of his benefactress three hands.

Grafika Svete Gore Atonske god.

Hor Sveti Jovan Damaskin Mixed. Na dve gravure XIX v. When between the two empires signed the peace, a copy was returned to Chilandar.

Skazanje o Hilandarskoj svetinji prenesenu kopijom od strane arhimandrita nalazi se u rukopisu nekoliko zbirki, na primer u rukopisu iz Javne biblioteke u Peterburgu, zbirka Mohovikova “Novo Nebo.

In gratitude to the saint gave goldsmiths to forge arms of silver, and treat it as an icon. In the nematode were located two holy shrines: At that time appeared the Iconoclast heresy, and one of its greatest opponent was John of Damascus, still a laic. And the Russians are really starting to relate victory.


Sava of Jerusalem came true. Click on the wrench in the upper left-hand corner to see what else you can do. During andthe choir had notable appearances in various locations including Jovn, Valjevo, Sv.

But during one evening with icons clearly heard the voice of the Holy Virgin that she was abbess.

Ikona Presvete Bogorodice „Trojeručice”

Po zapovesti Bogorodice, ono se zaustavilo nedaleko od Manastira Hilandara? Ikona Bogorodice je opet bila na igumanskom mestu. The next day, the morning service, the icon was dajaskin prior’s place. In Lavra came Serbian monk Sava. On its other side is a painting of St. At the end of the 15th century Chilandar found himself in a difficult situation due to the election of the new abbot. A Cappella Acapedia 2. Set in a special proskinitar standing in the nave of the temple, next to the prior’s throne.

A 20 jula god. Bequeathed to the new Sava as a blessing given both the monastery’s sanctuary. The choir counted 8 – 16 members, mostly young people from high schools. On this occasion happened to another in its series of miracles – the blind from birth is thirty third year of his eyes.

Subsequently, in the summer ofa group of female voices did the same. From conceptualization through your first performance, we can tell you the best way to find members, run auditions, structure your group, build a quick repertoire, and start performing. Numerous monks of Serbian, Russian, Greek and Bulgarian nationality could not possibly agree. Thus, to resolve all doubts that the Serbian monk Sava one they have been waiting damwskin.

  IEC 61967-4 PDF

Istu ikonu nosi sa sobom kada se udaljuje u Palestinu, u Lavru sv. Bugari su, opet, bili najbrojniji u manastiru i zahtevali svog igumana.

According to tradition, this saint is dying prophesied that the monastery reached an imperial son’s damaski – Sava, and that when he is venerating the attached rod fall to the ground. Colt crossed almost the whole of Serbia and Macedonia to come to the Holy Mountain, where he stopped near the Hilandara. Five centuries later the prophecy damaxkin St. As has been given to the saint’s tomb, the prior’s staff has fallen. When they took the icon, the colt fell dead.

Na okovu svi prsti zavetne ruke spojeni su zajedno. Od tada do danas niko je nije pomerio sa njenog mesta. His legacy of John Damascene added his own – to the royal son to the icon of the Virgin with three hands. The icon of the Virgin with three hands is the most revered icons in Hilandar and the most important icons of the Serbian people.

Povelja kralja Milutina iz god. Bilo je Srba, Grka, Bugara i Rusa. Sveti Jovan se probudi i vide uistinu da je ruka njegova zdrava i da stoji na svom mestu.

Inat the request of the command of senior officers of the Russian army, which was at war with Japanoom, made a copy of the icon of the Virgin with three hands. The two choirs have merged and now damsskin as one in The Othodox Church in Sombor.

Prema jednoj, g. Want to Start a Group?