June 20, 2020


In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys to creating walkability. Most of them also have something. Walkable City Rules. Steps to Making Better Places. pages 8 x 8 full -color photos/figures. Jeff Speck. Paperback. $ ISBN: In Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time (public library), city planner Jeff Speck, who spent four years leading.

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The goals are often clear, but the path is seldom easy. The rules are practical yet engaging—worded for arguments at the planning commission, illustrated for clarity, and packed with specifications as well as data.

For ease of use, the rules are grouped into 19 chapters that cover everything from selling walkability, to getting the parking right, escaping automobilism, making comfortable spaces and interesting places, and doing it now! The content and presentation make it a force multiplier for place-makers and change-makers everywhere. Every local leader and every engaged local citizen owes it to themselves to read Walkable City Rules.

The world needs this book so much right now. Walkable City Rules is sure to change the face of neighborhoods, towns, and cities around this country and beyond. With his new book, Walkable City Qalkablehe establishes himself as the most helpful.

There is no single document poised to have a greater positive impact on our communities and on the practice of urban planning sppeck this comprehensive and engaging text.

He is a great planner, but his real gift is empowering people to reshape their own communities.

There is a huge wave of us out there saying, ‘Yes, I DO want to make my town more livable, walkable, equal, and fun. Walkable City Rules is a must-read for urbanists, city-builders, and everyone who lives in cities.


He not only defines what it is, he eloquently shows us how to achieve it.

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time

Another great read, one that gives any city the necessary tools to create a good walk. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to make their place better. In his influential practice, Jeff Speck applies it literally: In this essential volume, Jeff lays out a comprehensive and interconnected set of ‘Walkable City Rules’ that, if followed by every city and town, would create a nation of happy citizens and superlative outcomes.

With his help, Oklahoma City completely changed its outlook on the built environment and has now transformed itself into a completely different place. How we did it—and how you can do it, too—can be found in this important and compelling book.

With Walkable City Ruleshe translates those principles into a concrete plan soeck action. From zoning changes to public transit investments and road repurposing to saving existing small-scale fabric, this timely and necessary book offers clear, concise, and step-by-step instructions for urban planners and leaders to transform neighborhoods for the better and reimagine their cities at a human scale.

We must transform disease-promoting places into ones that are human- and health-friendly. Speck confronts this task and makes acrobatic what could be pedantic.

Jeff Speck – Wikipedia

He writes with humor and verve, but with substance from deep experience. A beautiful book, with superb organization, layout, photos, and writing, Walkable City Rules should be assigned reading for every elected official citu every health and planning class in America.


Making Change Now I. Mix the Uses III. Get the Parking Right V.

Let Transit Work VI. Right-Size the Number of Lanes X.

walkble Right-Size the Lanes XI. Focus on Geometry XV. Focus on Intersections XVI. We know that walkable cities are desirable for so many reasons, including for our health and our environment. But what steps should cities take to become more walkable? Join author and urban planner Jeff Speck in a minute webinar, co-sponsored by SSF and Island Press, to explore some of the practical rules that cities should follow to usher in a more walkable future.

Talk and Book Signing: Speck hopes the book will be a resource that inspires cities and citizens to usher in an era of street life in America. Following the talk, Speck signs copies of the book. Nearly every US city sprck like to be more walkable—for reasons of health, wealth, and the environment—yet few are taking the proper steps to get there.

Speck is the author of the new book Walkable City Rules: And then Jeff will take your questions live.

Members, please check your email for your exclusive invitation, or email member support. Please note that space is limited and questions will not be accepted in advance for this webcast.

Monday, 22 October – 1: Friday, 2 November – WashingtonDC Friday, 9 November – 7: BrooklineMA Friday, 9 November – 1: Email Format html text.