May 5, 2020


Bass Transcriptions and More by bassist Dave Fink Transcriptions. Darling Dear · The House On Website. bio/. TRANSCRIPTION OF JAMES JAMERSON’S BASSLINE TO. “YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING” by THE TEMPATIONS by PAUL WOLFE -to-play-bass. com. Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions. There’s also some bonus Motown transcriptions.

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It also wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to simply play with flatwounds, and they’re enjoying a little bit of a comeback the Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face jamees example. James Jamerson Interview Of course, Marvin was the producer, so most of the notes are in his handwriting.

Yes, it is very blown out, and third world as far as modern cities go. It’s my belief that the “fair use” doctrine of section of US Copyright law allows me to make these tracks available to the public for the sole purpose of study, review or critical analysis.

To hear Jamerson’s and other Motown bassists’ transcriphions, click this link: I am also a bassist and was floored to discover the James Jamerson tracks!! What Randy found is just amazing, and he kindly gave me permission to reprint the Motown document images he sent, and his story as well. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. What’s Going On James Jamerson 2. Very interesting to hear those solo’ed transcirptions.

He did say that he would find out how to go about licensing them to me, however. I knew he was an outstanding bassist but hadn’t ever heard him isolated like this! Honestly, I think that its a combination of a couple things why iamerson just works jsmes well.


Every measure is unique, there is not a single measure that repeats throughout the tune and yet the groove is utterly compelling from start to finish. Iconic transcription, great bassline. Where did u GET those????? She always played with a pick, these tracks are so clean and un-mastered that you can tell it’s Jamerson.

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Similar to reggae if you think about it like that. Actually, that’s the thing, the bass was pretty hot in the mix, if you listen to it carefully in any Motown recording. Or Good Times in E. This is an incredible set of gems. Here’s a video I made of Studio A: I can remember during the first rehearsal improvising a couple of bars of one tune with a little bass slap and pop, but Martha wouldn’t have it.

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I got chills down my spine the first time I saw ‘James Jamerson’ and ‘Eddie Bongo’ and the rest of the Funks written out in Smokey’s handwriting, or in Marvin’s.

I’ve rtanscriptions included some other famous Motown bass performances in addition to Jamerson. Keep in mind that on some of these isolated bass tracks the bass doesn’t enter right away, or there are breakdowns within the song, so you’ll hear occasional gaps of silence.

Bass Players – James Jamerson | How To Play Bass

We have lots of common questions with lots of common answers. In a interview with Bass Guitar magazine, McCartney recalled his training on the instrument: There wasn’t a lot of room for error, much less giving anyone extra tracks, including the lead vocalist. To see Jamerson’s discography unofficialclick this link: Thank you and congrats on your web site! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Lets just say I am far FAR from being a wealthy person.


Amazingly the majority of them were improvised from chord symbols. I just posted my transcription of James Jamerson’s bass line on Bernadette on my blog. So I ended up donating it all anonymously to the Burton Collection in the Detroit Public Library where they have the finances to protect, defend and preserve the documents. How did this happen? He has completely changed my perception of electric bass.

It was pretty common in the 60s, though, when you think about it.


J did probably blind drunk, too I don’t think you’d get the boot from the producer. Never thought I’d get to hear isolated Jamerson tracks and the Jackson 5 stuff was excellent too. It is eye traanscriptions and ear popping! All the famous producers and arrangers– just crazy.

My Motown Bass audio files are now password protected. To read a rare Jamerson interview, click this link: