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HARTOG COMMITTEE REPORT, The Government of India Act of did not satisfy the Indian people. In order to satisfy the Indian people it was felt. on constitutional reforms was to be appointed in But owing to the tary education. The auxiliary Committee popularly known as the Hartog Committee. formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in alongwith its recommendations on Primary, Secondary.

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Amid all these labors Hartog was through life a keen helper of his own community. List four important recommendations for the improvement of primary educational. The Committee gave a permanent shape to the educational commottee of that period and attempted for consolidating and stabilizing education. It is necessary for us to know the terms of reference of the Hartog Committee— The Hartog committee was appointed to enquire the organisation of various aspects of education in India and committes give its suggestions for its over all improvement and progress.

It was impossible for them to spend sufficient money for the progress of education. But the Government did not choose to implement the recommendations harhog the teachers and no attempt was made to raise their salaries. Retrieved November 15, Recommendations on Secondary Education 3. The report of the Hartog Committee holds a unique position in the history of Indian education.

The Committee recommended that salaries and service conditions of the teachers should be improved so as to attract really capable persons into the job. It should provide necessary funds to meet financial deficiencies in the interest of India as a whole.

Philip Hartog – Wikipedia

Curriculum for girls should include home science, hygiene, music etc. This resulted in the issue in of An Examination of Examinations. According to Hartog Committee the system of secondary education was exam oriented and the percent of failures in Matriculation examination was very large.


Give an account of the educational development during and Hartlg of Recommendations Hartpg we have discussed in detail the recommendations of the Hartog Committee in different spheres of education.

It pointed out that the problems of primary education were basically rural and it had also drawn attention to the problem of wastage and stagnation. Terms of Reference of the Committee 7. Answer briefly the following questions: Kisch they were married inand three sons ensued.

Regarding secondary education, the Hartog committee laid emphasis on industrial and commercial subjects, thereby making provisions for the students to take up practical occupations in life. The general economic conditions of the villagers were also unfavourable to the spread of mass education.

The committee also found very serious barriers of caste, religion and communal feelings making the expansion of primary education complicated. Since he was the chairman of the Committee, the Committee was known as Hartog Committee.

It was valuable in the sense that it tried to feel the pulse of education in India. But when the war came to an end the British Government did not keep their promise. Historical Background of the Setting up of the Committee 4. Although there was general consciousness of the people in education, the Committee was not satisfied with the growth of literacy in the country. However, the suggestions of the Committee could not be implemented effectively and the educational progress could not be maintained due to worldwide economic depression of But before suggesting recommendations it evaluated the condition of higher education, as prevalent in India in those days.

He did much other work for the Jewish People. The committee observed that primary education had become meaningless and ineffective.

They could intervene even in the transfer of teachers.

Hartog Committee Report, 1929

A Defects in Higher Education: Equal importance should be given to the education of the boys as well as girls. Departmental examinations should be held to recruit harttog graduates in administrative services. The teachers are not trained and regular inspection of schools was not possible due to inadequate number of inspectors.


We will conclude with an assessment and evaluation of the recommendations of the committee and its result.

Recommendations on Women Education 5. Report of the Hartog Committee 1. The First World War started in Europe in The time table of the schools should be drawn up in accordance with the environment and the circumstances of the schools.

Recommendation of Hartog Commission (1929)

The condition of secondary education however, was better than that of primary education. But the report of the Hartog committee received cold and hostile reception in the nationalist circles because they felt that a definite programme of expansion was urgently needed for the liquidation of illiteracy and mass education in the country.

All educational powers were transferred to the representatives of the people but they have limited resources.

Healthy competition for opening new schools was observed among private enterprises. Qualitative development should be made instead of increasing the number of primary schools.

Libraries are ill equipped. Hartogg India Educational Conference, Wardha The condition of women education was deplorable. The committee recommended the establishment of affiliated universities alongwith the unitary, residential and teaching universities, keeping in view the great demand for higher education in India.

Notes for UPSC: Hartog Committee

It greatly influenced the educational policy of the Government which was consolidation rather than expansion prior to independence. The committee looked at the defects and suggested for their remedy.

An Evaluation of the Recommendations 9. In came his influential “Writing of English”, attacking the school “essay. Delhi university was established inNagpurAgraAndhra university in and Annamalai hartob