March 28, 2020


Sie möchten einen festen Betrag anlegen oder monatlich sparen? Bei uns finden Sie die passenden Produkte. Then click on Antrag speichern (Save request) • Then the account https://cash. ?execution. Questions about the DKB. At your account opening, the DKB promised you: “free cash withdrawals worldwide”. Excerpt . Diese Entgelte werden dem Karteninhaber auf Antrag erstattet.

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In case Postbank, you have to ask this bank.

The application xkb runs without this number. I have saved money here and want to open an account inGermany now and transfer the money upfront at the lowest transfer costs. The service hours are around the clock, xntrag days a week. I cant log in because I dont have a pin no. August 22, at January 16, at May 21, at 1: Can anyone give any advice on this issue please? Please help me with this process? November 21, at Secondly, I am an Israeli citizen, stay and soon working in Germany with a Visa.

March 23, at 3: Is it still possible?

DKB-Visa-Card Kreditkarte

October 8, at 3: Nevertheless the bank charges me maintenance fees of 35 euros per month which I find to be a lot. Same with the real VISA card?


May 18, at 2: The first time I made a mistake when writing the place of birth. My first choice is DKB, and I know that many readers of our portal are quite happy with them as well.

But it is also clear that not everyone can get the account, because German direct banks perform a credit check before the account opening. I am wondering whether DKB will reimburse this fee or no? April 26, at One online account that can be opened from abroad with a legitimization via VideoIdent is this one here. That is sadly not possible, because the DKB is a direct bank without branches for retail customer.

DKB refunds foreign fees at cash withdrawals (instructions)

For security reasons, further letters with access information, cards and PINs will be sent separately and at different times. I am from UK.

Yes, that is correct. Can I input my Israeli Tax number now, and later on change it to the German one? The provable place of residence in Germany is also importantbecause one is asking for the address during the legitimating procedure.

The Antrat MasterCard can be applied for and issued completely, in case you have an address in Germany. When tried to open an account received an automatic rejection. Now, five to six months later, would be a good time.

July 9, at 5: This was almost two weeks ago. State the address, under which you are registered and where you can receive mail. The bank ask for a German Tax Identification Number. Best is to carify the details of the account opening with the bank.


The incoming transfer fees for international cassh are 0. Do you know how long do the cards and the rest of the caxh take to be sent? DKB does not for customers abroad. April 21, at 1: What should you do in case of loss of card?

Is is true that widthdrawals are limited to a min. April 16, at Since you reside in Germany it is unlikely that you will get a call from the bank regarding the account opening. How do I go about sending extra information to Meldebescheinigung from xkb USA because obviously it will be needs since I do not have actual residency yet.

Do I have to bring all of those papers printed? I myself have already used this refund option several times successfully on my trips. Your citizenship As in your passport Telefonnummer: