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Hogfather has ratings and reviews. Nataliya said: This is a book about the nature of belief; the reminder that things we think of as essenti. Nowadays, the Hogfather is expected to travel in a sleigh pulled by hogs of most of the Discworld except for the Counterweight continent and. Meanwhile, the Auditors of Reality pay the Assassins Guild a huge fee to assassinate the Hogfather (the equivalent to Father Christmas).

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And it’s too quiet.

Medium Dave Stephen Marcus To ask other readers questions about Hogfatherplease sign up. Vernon Crumley Nigel Planer View all 7 comments. The Grim Squeaker was amazing! For a better look at what I mean when I say this novel is very deep and contemplative, please have a look at all the quotes I highlighted – because I scarcely have discwordl.

It was to this point that he retreated when ambushed by Mr Teatime.

Life itself is very unkempt, so the best thing to do is eliminate it, right? Or have a hit put out on the Hogfather while Death flies with the pigs? Susan, the Oh God and Binky travel to the land, a world created by children’s imagination. But belief Pratchett is concerned with is way more than that – it is what’s woven into the fabric of our existence ; without it, would we ever even have abstract concepts that define us hoffather mercy, justice, compassion, friendship, love?

And then there is this wizard character, Ridcully, who has a lot of background history. It is a delightful treat. Trish So glad this seems to be as perfect as I had hoped.

Hogfather – Wikipedia

View all 3 comments. Death, that scamp, doesn’t want to find out the answer to that last question, so he’s taken some questionable steps. To me computers are all about discworl circuits and electricity, but apparently they can exist without them, such as this one which is a replication because Charles Babbage never actually built it: I had forgotten the finesse of Pratchett at his finest.


This is a book that can be read at several levels, if nothing else, then simply for the humour.

Hogfather (Discworld, #20; Death, #4) by Terry Pratchett

Or better yet, have Susan get involved. See 2 questions about Hogfather…. Teatime trying to use what’s there to a This book is hilarious.

Aug 03, Lyn rated it really liked it. Now these Auditor chaps…. Due to a bit of trouble involving the Auditors of Reality and a sociopathic member of the Assassins Guild “Mister Teatime, who saw things differently from other people, and one of the ways that he saw things differently from other people was in seeing other people as things.

There’s disvworld better present than a future. He gets a little too into the role, as per the usual. The ironic thing is that this is actually quite a modern phenomena.

Quotes [ first lines ] Narrator: They know they existed. Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer, writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels, including his first Discworld novel, The Color of Magicin The book focuses on the absence of the Hogfathera mythical creature akin to Father Christmaswho grants children’s wishes on Hogswatchnight December 32 and brings them presents.

There’s also a contemporary feel, with Pratchett riffing on Miracle on 34th Street, and A Uogfather Story, as well as more modern retail jokes.

The second is the “Little Match Girl” scene this book is heavily populated with references to familiar Christmas stories in which Death intervenes to keep the little girl alive rather than let her die to be a heartwarming tale for the more fortunate to remember and be grateful they aren’t a frozen child dead in the snow. And there’s so much going on in this book: Glad hogafther enjoyed it. How else can they become?

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In Death’s library, her biography shows she is being held captive in the land of the Tooth Hogfatner. Nope, all of them are not on goodreads, my memory isn’t that good and I’ve only been keeping track the past nine years.

It is the book about origins, of sorts. Susan Sto Helit has found work as a governess in the Gaiter household, where her ability to see bogeymen and defeat them with a fire poker comes in extremely useful. It never ceases to amaze me how well Discwprld Pratchett, an atheist, understood the nature of belief, of how belief is a peculiarly human characteristic and what it means that humans need things to believe in, for good or ill.

When he was able to resume his role, the Hogfather seemed to salute Death as an equal. My first Discworld book, and admittedly it took a while to get used to his writing style, no chapters, and frequent movement from one storyline to another after brief passages.

There is the constant desire to find out where – where hogcather the point where it all began. How do you kill an immortal? The particular winter holiday of the story is a Dickensian sort of event in the home where Susan’s working, but the overall effect is part of the general trend of bringing a medieval-Londonish fantasy setting up to the modern day.