March 29, 2020


First UK Passivhaus to be built with cavity wall construction. • Design & build project led by Green Building Store. • Denby Dale, West Yorkshire • Private. The Case Study I have chosen is the Denby Dale Passivhaus. The rationale behind this decision was mainly due to the wealth of resources provided. Design Case Study. Denby Dale Passivhaus was built for a private client who wanted a three bedroom detached house, built to a strict budget of £, on an.

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Denby Dale Passivhaus: 5 years on

We went away to a country cottage in Cornwall a couple of years ago. We were able to make a significant savings straight away. See how easily we could have solved the climate crisis if we had started in !

The incoming air is blown past the outgoing air and is used to heat the incoming air. Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs are flexible enough to eliminate air gaps and prevent heat loss due to their inherent ability to knit together at joints between the slabs.

Skip to main content. Architype Kirklees Media School: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cookies This site uses cookies: Passivhaus wins constantly in addressing fuel poverty, comfort and energy efficiency.

Want to see more like this? I contacted Cllr Andrew Cooper about projects for social housing with Passive in mind, on Plane Street, Huddersfield 18 months ago and re-contacted him just recently as nothing had happened as far as I know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Do you have a story to tell? Products used in this project.


Soon afterwards a new operating system was installed which has helped regulate the boiler better. Airtight measures include west plaster barrier applied inside the walls, minimising shrinkage between wall and floor and use of airtightness tapes and membranes.

Denby Dale PassivHaus | Carbon Hub

For more information on Denby Dale, please click here. He immediately removed the grille and the system worked fine. It is incredibly encouraging to see how much Passivhaus has grown over the 5 years and to compare where it was then and where it is now….

Passivhaus buildings require very high levels of airtightness 0.

Denby Dale Passivhaus

By continuing to browse our website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Built by Green Building Store’s construction division – Green Building Company – the project is the first certified Passivhaus in the UK to be built using cavity wall construction and has pioneered the combination of British vernacular construction methods with the German low energy Passivhaus design methodology.

Super insulation is dennby to Passivhaus construction, passvhaus with close attention around junctions of these elements. Dear Geoff and Kate, Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement to those of us who hope to follow in your footsteps with Passivhaus.

What really needs to happen is for Passivhaus to be used for social housing. The design team preferred to put resources into Passivhaus energy efficiency measures rather than micro-renewables. Economics, performance, availability, ease of fitting and reducing thermal bypass were all among the benefits of the Knauf Insulation products chosen. Only vested interest could explain the unpersuaded Passivhaus sceptic!


It is really important that people get to experience the comfort, warmth and air quality of Passivhaus buildings first hand to help spread the word. Energy is not going to come down in price in the foreseeable future. Today the house is a warm and comfortable 21 degrees inside, 10 degrees outside. Maximising airtightness Passivhaus buildings require very high levels of airtightness 0. Where did you hear about denb Denby Dale Passivhaus 0.

Denby Dale Passivhaus: Derrie O’Sullivan

Green Building Design Why ‘Green’? The way forward Passivhaus wins constantly in addressing fuel poverty, comfort and energy efficiency.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn youtube. Green Building Store will never sell your data and your data will be safeguarded in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Glass mineral wool was specified over rigid insulation to ensure a tight thermal fit. I did more or kess the same in my house 20 years ago and am equally happyno energy bills at all many solar panels and the most comfortable paassivhaus one can imagine.

It had thick stone walls and was draughty and bitterly cold. Thanks for your write up on your beautyfull passivhouse. Understanding and modelling thermal bridging is becoming absolutely critical to accurately predicting the heat loss of a building.