September 16, 2020

DA PAM 750-35 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Study Flashcards On Maintenance Procedures (DA PAM /DA PAM / DA PAM /AR ) at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases. DA Pam specifies. Every unit SOP will address safety; Motor pool operations and field maintenance are linked with safety. Minimum Areas to Address.

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Logistics Support Analyses RAM conducts Logistics Support Analyses throughout the acquisition process through the selective application of scientific and engineering principles.

750-335 We design and develop data collection plans, scoring rules, and data analysis plans in 7550-35 of logistics requirements. For some customers, RAM provides electronic equipment maintenance and fabrication services. RAM, in coordination with existing life-cycle support contractors, developed initial fielding plans and verified that the fielding plans, maintenance actions, and support structure aligned with the maintenance concept.


Our logistics staff possesses a diverse mix of military and industrial experience and is capable of providing a full range of life-cycle activities.

We provide hands-on and remote logistics training by planning, developing, and managing classroom activities, learning objectives, training materials, points of instruction, and providing classroom instruction and field training. Background RAM maintains a professional logistics staff experienced in support of mission critical defense systems. We also help the Government conduct pxm workshops, conferences, and demonstrations.

We implement industry-standard purchasing programs and procedures, property accountability systems, and inventory and warehousing operations. RAM developed, documented, and staffed the general maintenance concept in coordination with the vendors.

We support tactical, commercial, non-tactical vehicles, and test equipment in Directorate of Logistics environments. We assist with the Integrated Logistics Support activities of supply; support equipment analysis; training and training equipment; facilities; design interface; maintenance planning; manpower and personnel; technical data; packaging, handling, storage, and transportation; and computer resources support.


RAM provides trained and qualified personnel to support maintenance operations that range from normal preventive maintenance through depot-level repair. This includes maintenance of GFP instrumentation, ra stations, and communications equipment; fabrication of cables; assembly of electronic equipment and instrumentation; and completing modifications.