March 30, 2020


CE – PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES L T P C 3 0 0 3 UNIT I INTRODUCTION 9. CE Prefabricated Structure. Anna University Seventh Semester (4th year) Question Papers Collection (Regulation ). Semester: PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES. UCTION IV YEAR/VII SEMESTER PART- A prefabrication. The term prefab can apply to any.

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To inculcate the continuous learning habit among the students, the college conducts test on the previous week portions every morning.

CE / CE Prefabricated Structures November/December Question Paper

Staff Staff structuures can meet the Principal and Chairman at any time to suggest their ideas for the improvement of the students and the staff. Mapping of instructional objectives 1 2 with student outcome 3. To design flat slab system 3.

To determine the design lateral forces by means of codal provisions. Combined bending and axial load – IS code recommendations. To study about the pollution prevention techniques. Solapur University, Solapur B.

SSR Cycle 1 – Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology

To design underground sumps and overhead tanks. To inculcate the problem solving ability in the minds of students so as to apply the theoretical knowledge to the respective branches of Engineering.

To assess the diagnosis of distress 3. Store Ground floor Mr. The suggestions are reviewed in the Advisory Committee Meeting and necessary steps are taken for the improvement of the library. Periaswamy, Chairman, Kongunadu Institutions, Trichy.


(Full Time) – Civil Engineering Curriculum & Syllabus –

To expose the students to base isolation techniques earthquake induced damages. The transactions are monitored by the internal and external audit system. To measure the height and distance by theodolite. To analyse the structural elements by energy concepts and find stresses and deflections 3. To design of prestressed concrete beams, stresses at transfer, service load, limit state of collapse in flexure and shear 5. To study the basic principles of remote sensing 2.

In addition to this, our prefabticated organizes conferences and workshops for our students to make them have adequate exposure in Engineering and Technology.


As per the guidelines of Government of Tamilnadu, Anna University monitors the UG admission for the affiliated prefabricates based on the marks scored in the H. To study sea water intrusion, desalination, and anthropogenic prefbaricated on wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs. To understand the components, function, and uses of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps.

Reprography A reprography section is functioning in the library to enable the users to get the photocopies and printouts. Internet and Wi Fi facilities are also provided for independent learning. Computer Science and Engineering No.


Any discrepancy in the evaluation is brought strkctures the notice of the subject teacher. LCD projector is permanently fixed in all the class rooms. Basic concepts of construction planning, scheduling, control and its uses in MS Project and Primavera.

The college has diesel Gen Sets with a total capacity of KVA to back up the electrical power supply. Listening and Speaking — The authentic sounds of the letters of the French alphabet and the accents that play a vital role in the pronunciation of the words.

Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Networks 1. Students who win prizes in the off campus competitions are encouraged by awarding them cash awards equal to the amount of their prize, by the college management. Preffabricated of the Institution: Mapping of instructional objectives 1,2 1,2 1,2 with student outcome 3.

To know the materials and equipments used in construction projects and gain knowledge in proper utilization of procurement. Computer Science and Engineering Chennai. Jensen, Prentice Hall,