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Callanta Criminal Law 1 Notes – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Codal and Notes in CRIMINAL LAW BOOK I by RENE CALLANTA. December 5, CRIMINAL LAW Reviewer ยท December 5, Callanta Notes Criminal Law 2 Reviewer Elements and Notes in Criminal Law Book II by RENE CALLANTA and ORTEGA TITLE ONE.

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That an agent of a person in authority is engaged in the performance of official duty gives a lawful order to the offender. Non-profit non-stock educational institutions. To properly enforce and execute the laws 2. That the offender disobeys such agent of a person in authority. Unless restricted by the Constitution, the legislative power to exempt is as broad as its power to tax.

Ad valorem tax An ad valorem tax is a fixed proportion of the value of the property with respect to which the tax is assessed. That the offender Filipino or resident alien must be owing allegiance to the government c. The crime committed was arbitrary detention in the form of delay in the delivery of arrested person to the proper judicial authority. This implies that all acts of war or hostilities like serious violence and destruction of property committed on occasion and in pursuance of rebellion are component crimes of rebellion which is why Article 48 on complex crimes is inapplicable.

The remission of taxes due and payable to the exclusion of taxes already collected does not constitute unfair discrimination.

TAX REVIEWER GENERAL PRINCIPLES: BY: Rene Callanta | Patricia Largo –

The crime of evasion of service of sentence is committed by the prisoner who escapes if such prisoner is a convict serving sentence by final judgment. Accompanied by violence, intimidation, threat, strategy or stealth c. In short, he or she is the subject of the tax. Mutiny is the unlawful resistance to a superior officer, or the raising of commotions and disturbances aboard a ship against the authority of its commander.


X voluntarily admitted to callqnta officers that he did it although he was not asked. If there is no public uprising, notew crime is of direct assault.

That the offender who may be any persons prevents such meeting by force or fraud The crime is against popular representation because it is directed against officers whose primary function is to meet and enact laws.

They are mere forms which are not to be completed to be a document in the legal sense. It must be imposed for a public purpose. Article unlawful arrestnot Articlewill apply.

That he is armed with a search warrant legally procured c. In time of war b. The government promises nothing to the person taxed beyond what maybe anticipated from an administration of the laws for the general good. It cannot co-exist with the crime of robbery. That he fails to deliver such person to the proper judicial authority within: That the person assaulted is a person in authority or his agent.

Callanta Notes Criminal Law 2 Reviewer

That he has no authority therefore; b. In these cases, there really is no delegation, to wit: For any of the purposes of rebellion c. Offending the religious feelings Art. If the public officer is a participant of the assembly and he prohibits, interrupts, or dissolves the same, Article is violated if the same is conducted in a public place.


Intercalating any instrument or note relative to the issuance thereof in a protocol, registry, or official book. Distinction between illegal assembly and illegal association In illegal assembly, the basis of liability is the gathering for an illegal purpose which constitutes a crime under the Revised Penal Code.

But by rubbing the coins on the sidewalk, he also defaces and destroys the coin and that is punishable under Presidential Decree No.

Callanta Notes Criminal Law 2 Reviewer – Free Download PDF

Callwnta debt is assignable, while a tax cannot generally be assigned. That he searches the domicile, papers or other belongings of any person d.

Filipino citizens can commit treason outside the Philippines. If a Filipino citizen is sent out of the country, what crime is committed? If the purpose for which a special fund was created has been fulfilled or abandoned, the balance, if any, shall be transferred to the general funds of the Government.

There was no robbery for there was no intent to gain. By arresting or searching any member thereof while Congress is in a regular or special session, except in case such member has committed a crime punishable under the code by a penalty higher than prision mayor 6 years up Elements: That the offender evades the service of his sentence by leaving the penal institution where he is confined, on the occasion of such disorder or during the mutiny.