March 30, 2020


BESM, short for “Big Eyes, Small Mouth”, is a table-top RPG created with the aim to capture the feel of anime and manga in its gameplay. If you’re looking for a generic anime game, BESM will probably serve you The editing is a bit above average for an RPG, and while there are. N. BESM: ThE aniME and Manga rpg. forEword. Big Eyes, Small Mouth was born in out of a desire to play anime adventures and from a lack of any similar.

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The game is currently dead, the most recent iteration brsm the third edition of the core Tri-stat system-based game. The title alludes to the common anime drawing style of characters with huge, expressive eyes and comparatively small mouths. For example, higher levels of telepathy would allows you to use it on more targets simultaneously, and also increase the range.

Anime role-playing games Canadian role-playing games Comedy role-playing games D20 System Fantasy role-playing games Guardians of Order games Role-playing games introduced in Superhero role-playing games.

The first edition of BESM was a bit of a clusterfuck, as it was GoO’s first release, but unlike many companies’ first releases, it was still playable and fun. Retrieved from ” https: BESM may not be the strongest option for you although it is very generic, so it can cover a lot of bases decently.

If you’re group is happy with imporvisations and making rulings on the spot than you can have tpg great game with it. Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way.

BESM, at least both 2nd and 3rd editions, are perfectly fine systems. BESM saw many revisions via fanguides that packed in a modified version of the core BESM rules and special setting specific character creation rules.

Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. My partner has started playing in a 5e game I’m DMing and they are getting really into it, but they are primarily an anime person. Anything higher and you need to check what it does to make sure they can’t start teleporting people into the sun.


You can pretty much allow ability up to level 2. I just checked Amazon, and they were outrageous. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. It’s hesm unbalanced, offers very little in the way of GM tools, and does not serve its stated function well due to lack of focus.

The first 2 editions use a 2d6 vs attribute roll under mechanic. The real question here is to figure out what kind of game you’re looking to run. Also, take a look at OVA, its a nice balance between 1e and 2e and is still in print.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth – Wikipedia

I grew up with BESM, so it’s always been near and dear to my heart. It’s pretty obvious when things are broken. The roll-under vs roll-over thing isn’t really that different, it’s just the difficulty is a penalty to the dice roll in roll-under and an inflating Target Number in roll over.

Due to licensing consideration, the three-volume set of fan guides for Slayers does not include any information from the movies and OVAs distributed by ADV Films. Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games. BESM uses a point-based character creation system.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Later came a revised book that updated the core rules with three years worth of errata, as well as the crunch from many their various genre books, such as Hot Rods and Gun Bunnies and Cute and Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters. Almost all the crunch is in character creation though.

Pulver began writing supplements for what was essentially a fairly simple game, adding a detailed system for the creation of mecha with his book Big Robots, Cool Starships. New versions of Centauri Knights and Uresia were released under the new version. Meaning that you don’t really need the suplements. Roll-under the GM generally tells the player the difficulty modifier then they do the math and tell the GM if they succeeded or not, where roll-over the generally player tells the GM what they rolled, the GM compares with the TN and tells the player if the succeeded or not.


The initial edition, designed by Mark C. Also, all the BESM books are up on DriveThru so there’s no worry about finding the materials at a reasonable price no matter what edition you pick. Originally created by the now defunct Canadian gaming company Guardians of Ordernow owned by White Wolf ‘s indie sub-company Arthaus.

This is the exact same system as used in 2nd edition, except that it uses 2d10 instead of 2d6 for resolution and other things are adjusted accordingly.

I do like the Damage Multiplier and Power Flux from 3rd edition, though. If you go with 2nd edition, I recommend a small house rule, where if a character succeeds on their defense roll, but by less than the attack succeeded, they take half damage instead of none.

This page was last modified on 3 Marchat This has scaling issues in high powered games, pretty rpt once one of your attributes gets into double digits, things get kind of weird. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here.

What excited them about running a game? Views Read Edit View history.

BESM (1st Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

A 1st edition character can easily fit on a post-it note. Easier to use and definitely more balanced in play. I’ve never looked too deep at the d20 edition, but it didn’t appeal.