May 29, 2020


What a wonderful romance and a great debut! Anne Mallory’s Masquerading the Marquess is a combination of comedy and intrigue, taking place in early s. Masquerading the Marquess is a charming and enjoyable debut for author Anne Mallory. Although there are some elements that are a bit. Avon, Oct , , pp. ISBN: In caricaturist Calliope Minton gains access to her subjects by donning disguises; currently she works as .

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Calliope herself is unknown to the general public, and in the opening chapter she is introduced as the companion to Lady Simpson, disguised as the meek and slightly handicapped Miss Margaret Stafford.

Masquerading the Marquess by Anne MalloryPaperback. Refresh and try again. The characters were good, but the story? Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edition Includes vols.

It was lighthearted and fun without being too fluffy. Although there is not much back-story — particularly early on — by the end of the book I felt as if I knew the characters quite well. Unfortunately, she has no idea until it is too late that James Trenton and Steven are good friends, and that HE was the James who would be attending the opera house with them with his lady friend Stella that evening.


Gepost door Aurian op James plays the wounded hero in need of love rather well, and Calliope is an interesting heroine with unique abilities.

If she wanted a protector, why should it not be him? Loves tubing behind a boat and roller coasters Cedar Point, here we come!

Masquerading the Marquess – Anne Mallory – Google Books

Wrote her first and only until Masquerading book in sixth grade. Normally, I would see this as a positive, but without the skills to back it up this approach just came across feeling clunky and — in parts — nonsensical.

One other thing that I really, really liked about the story: Calliope Minton is a caricaturist in disguise. Unable to curb her tongue, Calliope lets the cat out of the bag … by exposing Lady Simpson’s nastiest, back-stabbiest private comments before she takes her leave.

It was just confusing a times. Slowly distrust transforms into friendship and animosity into desire.

Masquerading the Marquess by Anne Mallory (2004, Paperback)

The two are quite pleased to find him in attendance. Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor! An interesting side note is that some of these masquerqding were indeed lifted from history, including the caricaturist Robert Cruikshank. It had a tangled plot that would unwind in the end. In Total Surrender is her eleventh book.


A Game of Thrones Set: Only reading about half an malory a day during my lunchbreak. And not a lot of intimate scenes either.

Show More Show Less. Masquerading the Marquess Anne Mallory book reviews: Already occupied with trying to expose the “artist” who has been humiliating him in the papers, James does not need another mystery! If you’re looking for something that doesn’t drag with unpredictable events, I recommend this one. Masquerading the Marquess Avon romance. One of my fav books yet!

Masquerading the Marquess — book review

I had a lot of fun with the characters and can’t wait to read the next book! I will read more by this author, as I like her writing style and her humor.

Not sure if I will read any more of her earlier stuff – hugely disappointing. Who has very sharp eyes and keen instincts.