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World Trade Centre Mumbai opens doors to leading opportunities in international markets by serving as a guide on market trends. The Centre facilitates in strategizing vincitore Forex goals, branding and developing an effective long term partnership. WTC Mumbai’s Goals WTC Mumbai has emerged as a forerunner in promoting international trade and development. WTC Mumbai promotes International trade and Investment through an array of services and facilities.

The Centre integrates Indian businesses and international counterparts on a single platform through one to one business networking empowering the business community with skills, rich resources and talent. WTC Mumbai believes in building a community that facilitates international trade. The services offered by the Centre include trade research, trade facilitation programs, educative programs and an international library which benefit every segment of the society drawing together professionals, exporters, importers, research institutes, government agencies, etc. The Centre intends to initiate online educational courses shortly.

WTC Mumbai stands tall as an iconic building in the heart of the city in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. On the facilities front the Centre is equipped with the only Air conditioned Exhibition Centre in the city along with business meeting rooms, cabin spaces, desk spaces and office spaces in the 32 storey building of the Centre 1 complex. The Centre 2 of the WTC complex is leased to the IDBI. To be India’s preferred catalyst for international trade development. Honorable Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra and Shri S. The concept of a World Trade Centre in Mumbai was born of a vision of Sir M.

Visvesvaraya, on 26 June, 1970, epitomizing a strong conviction that India’s future prosperity lay in trade, industrial research and development. The WTC concept embraces every aspect of trade to facilitate its growth. The WTC envisioned the importance of exhibition and hence the Expo Centre was constructed with a view to provide a world class centrally air-conditioned exhibition space at the centre of the city with a 360º view of the Arabian Sea. WTC Mumbai serves as a corollary to India’s challenges in the areas of economy and trade, virtually growing beyond the ambit or scope of the government and trade promotion organizations. At the time, there was felt the need of a concept of World Trade Centre at a global level which could create the necessary linkages in various sectors of the economy across countries of the world. It was in the 1960s that the idea of WTC Mumbai emerged to create an effective vehicle for promotion of trade and investment of the country. Since then, it has continued to serve as an umbrella to all agencies connected with international trade as well as business knowhow and expertise, providing centralized services and facilities to promote trade.

Mumbai was conceived as the ideal choice to house such a centre since it was the capital of the country for industry, trade, commerce and finance. The promoters of WTC Mumbai developed the idea and concept of the Centre in a unique tripartite partnership of state, government and the private sector. In due course WTC Mumbai was registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 as a Section 25 not-for-profit company named M. From there on WTC Mumbai continues to be a living testimony with a promise to excel and go beyond in every field and to take on the challenges of the future. Associations, interested directly or indirectly in scientific research for the development of India trade and industry are eligible for regular membership. Associate Membership Associate Membership enables the businessman to access the various services and facilities offered by the Centre.