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David Holton informs us that Alan Holton his father died on 25th December 2018. Alan worked for the Assam Company and transferred to Africa, Alan managed Ngambo Tea Estate for some years before moving to Tukuyu Tea Estates uns forex General Manager. Alan finished his career as a VA out of George Williamson’s Nairobi office.

There is to be a memorial service but more details later. 11th March 2019 – Special thanks from the Editor to Leon Lyell and Alan Lane for all the help with pages, books and info. 10th March 2019 – Looking for relatives ? Manju Baruah, 43, makes history as she takes over as the new manager of Apeejay Tea’s Hilika Tea Estate near Dibrugarh in Upper Assam.

Sons Ltd, Bangladesh and wants to make contact with Mr. Petrie to ask him a couple of questions relating to the timeline of the 1980s with Finlay’s. Bobby, hailed from Jammu and carried the Jamwals legacy to tea and tiger conservation. He is survived by his wife Kiran and two sons. Our editor Denys Shortt has created the website www. He is interested in old photos of Land Rovers in Assam. 30pm at his home in Darjeeling at the age of 86.

He  is survived by his wife Chitra. A prayer meeting is scheduled to be held on 2nd November 2018. Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast is researching the history of British firms in India and particularly the tea companies. Currently he is investigating the experiences of the British tea firms in the years after independence and, later, how they responded to the FERA in the 1970s.

18th September 2018  RESERVE YOUR PLACE ! Robin Humphries, Reunion Convener, is pleased to announce the Cumberland Hotel at Bournemouth has been booked for the 4th Koi Hai Reunion Lunch for Tuesday 7th May 2019, 1230 hrs for 1300 hrs. The funeral services will be held at 3 pm on Friday, 7th September at Banbury crematorium chapel, OX16 1ST. We have been informed by Jacqueline Patel that Ken Baber has passed away. Ken visited Assam last year and shared his stories at the 3rd Koi Hai Reunion Lunch.

His funeral was held on Friday, 17th August, 2018. Digby Hembry’ Eulogy has been posted under Obituaries. Sadly, the family have to announce the death of Denys Wild on 13th July, after a brief spell in hospital. He died peacefully aged 93 just four days after his birthday.

The funeral will be held on Monday 6th August at the Parish Church of Lady St Mary at noon. Special thanks to a Koi Hai correspondent for sending us details of the names of planters listed on War Memorial at Nagarkata. Seventy five years after his father left India, Rupert Jameson and his wife, Renate, travel to Assam to trace the past. CLICK HERE to read Rupert’s story. We are deeply saddened to learn from Jennie Hinton that her beloved father Gerry Halnan passed away on 4th July, 2018. Gerry is probably the last of the surviving cadre of WWII warriors recruited after the war to serve on tea estates of Assam and the Dooars. Sadly we have more bad news!