Sistema cambial

Sistema cambial

0 hp, 54″ mower sistema cambial start automatic transmission. Summary of Contents for Craftsman 917. Sears Service Back Cover Operation .

Page 3 _DANGER: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death. Never direct discharged material toward _,WARNING: In order to prevent anyone. Never carry children, even with the blades shut off. They may fall off and Slopes are a major factor related to loss of be seriously injured or interfere with control and tip-over accidents, which can safe machine operation. Children who result in severe injury or death. Remove gas-powered equipmentfrom other debris build-up.

Clean oil or fuel the truck or trailer and refuel it on the spillage and removeany fuel-soaked ground. If this is not possible,then debris. Allow machineto cool before refuel such equipmentwith a portable storing. Congratulations on making a smart pur- Ground Speed Forward: 0-5. Page 8 Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with the exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY A socket wrench set will make assembly easier.

Standard wrench sizes you need are listed below. Page 9 INSTALL MOWER AND DRIVE BELT See MOWER DRIVE BELT AS- SEMBLY Supplement Sheet for additional guidance on this assembly. Be sure tractor is on level surface engage parking brake. Lower attachment lift lever to it’s lowest position. CAUTION: Lift lever is spring loaded. CHECKLIST The tires on your tractor were overinflated Before you operate your tractor, wish to assure that you receive the best at the factory for shipping purposes.

Cor- performance and satisfaction from this rect tire pressure is important for best Quality Product. Page 12 These symbols may appear on your tractor or in literature supplied with the product. Page 13 KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER’S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATINGYOUR TRACTOR Comparethe illustrationswith your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Page 14 The operation of any tractor can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields while operating your tractor or performing any adjustments or repairs.