Reservationer Forex

Reservationer Forex

I paid for one of those super vacations come visit Florida and get a free trip to the Bahamas just for taking reservationer Forex tour. I went to both of my Florida tours and got my paperwork in order. 45 for the form to request my “free” vacation paperwork.

When I received my paperwork it was unbelievable how many rules and regulations there were. It was date stamped 12 April and I didn’t receive it until the 20th of April and it had to be back to them by the 30th or I voided my contract. I purchased the Stay n Play package thinking I could go to the Bahamas. I upgraded so I could invite family to join us there. To make a long story short, we’re still fighting to get VIP to pay the hotel we stayed at so they can delete the charge we incurred afterward.

The Bahama deal didn’t work because they only accept 4 people in the hotel rooms and we’re a family of 5. I even told the sales person and he let me buy the package. My aunt — who’s a nun! She sent the money for the “free” trip and chose dates to travel with her sister, who was going to travel down from upstate New York.

She never got a confirmation on the dates. I’m now trying to get her money back. She and I have called various numbers and she’s written, but neither of us have gotten a response. My wife and I were promised two free round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental U. Requirement was to attend a no-pressure 90 minutes presentation of Vacation Professionals at 13 Branch Street, Suite 105 Methuen, Massachusetts. They gave us two activation forms that had a list of 14 rules about how to obtain our free airline tickets and free car rental from VIP Travel Reservations. The rest of the rules placed so many restrictions on the deal that it was designed to make you fail.

We struggled to obtain our tickets via multiple mailings which were mostly demands to fill the forms differently. At the end we got rejection for airline tickets on the grounds that it’s too late, even though we had to submit it multiple times in order to meet their demands. We also got certificate for a car rental. We told them that we do not need car without airline tickets. Now we are trying with no success to get our deposit back. My wife Ruth and I were also duped into taking one of these so-called free airtickets for two inside continental USA, by Lonestar Savings, in Stephenville, TX for sitting through a presentation expounding the advantages of owning a membership in Lonstart Savings, for which we purchase and expensive membership to Lonestar and already feel cheated becuase of various promises they keep making and do not fulfill.

Lonestar and VIP are bedpartners of like tactics. We are considering how we can report this to the Attorney General of Iowa. Sponsor line wasn’t filled out right by the lady at the place we took the tour. VIP will never see any of my business again. I received a card today for two “free” roundtrip airfares and checked the internet for problems with VIP Travel.

Thanks to the responses I trashed the card. As the old saying goes, “Nothing is Free”. Got the card promising two free airline tickets and rental car and had scheduled to attend the presentation this Saturday. A conflict arose with the babysitter so i cancelled. The operator tried the “this is our last presentation in your area” line, but I declined anyway.

This “free airline ticket and car rental” has been frought with caviats and is essentially useless. I don’t know what recourse we have, but I am really disappointed with this promotion. Take care when believing this type of “hype”. I attended the 2 hour session and was given a form for 2 airline ticket. The program was held in Birmingham in Febuary.

In March, I received a letter from VIP stating that the ticket were on back order and should be mailed in 30 days. I have send e-mails and left message on the phone number provided on the VIP website. No contact or action has occurred on the part of VIP. VIP Travel should be out of business.

My husband and I went to a timeshare presentation and got the certificate for the 2 night get-a-way. We sent it in with our dates. When they called to book the weekend, the dates we had originally put in would not work as we had travel plans for three weeks that included both weekends we had selected. We asked them to change it to August 10-13 instead. When we got back from our other trip, the confirmation was in our mail. I called them twice, my husband called them once and they assured us they were mailing a new confirmation with the correct dates.

15 we still had not received anything. My husband called them again and changed it to Nov 21-24. We still never received a confirmation from them. 08, I contacted them again and changed it to Nov 08. To date we still have not received a confirmation and when I tried to call, the general voice mail box was full. At this point, if I can not actually talk to someone, I will be sending a certified letter to them and filing a report with the better business bureau, locally and in Port Orange. I are both so disgusted with this company.