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Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. John,i think a stable currency would be best for the UK now being reliant on financial services to keep us afloat-like Switzerland? I think cabbage has put the jump leads on instead of the nipple tassels.

Oxo – regrettably I noticed your post as I am in the car – being driven by spouse going for a walk and I had to restart the app. Grow up and say something sensible . RBS was the biggest bank in the WORLD. CC, Read your todays12:02 post and see how many times you say, “I” said, “I”told em, “I” suggested. I”d swear but its a Sunday.

Has now admitted there is now shortage of medicines whatsoever! That is where you are wrong ,” trashing the country ” , we are approaching challenging times . As such we need a competitive advantage . Devaluation of Sterling due to Brexit will give us this edge . This alone will persuade EU periphery States to follow in our footsteps . Crowcast – what’s the ECB rate?

What is so significant about these polls and elections is that the EU won’t change course from their determination for more centralisation and integration. Their blind belief in political control of all member states in Europe is opposed by a rapidly growing portion of the population and yet they continue their course, fuelled by their own arrogance and the egos of professional politicians. Ordinary people are disgusted that a centralised minority should try to foist their views on people who have never heard of them nor could recognise or name them. These people have generally had pretty straightforward attitudes towards politics and vote as much for the people they recognise as the views they espouse. Being told by career politicians they don’t recognise and have never voted for is unpalatable and this feeling is growing and growing throughout Europe. When we were members of a trading block the arrangement was simple and straightforward.