Option 24 binary alerts

Option 24 binary alerts

Grafana needs to be restarted for any configuration changes to take effect. A common problem is forgetting to uncomment a line in the custom. This path is specified in the Grafana init. GF__ Where option 24 binary alerts section name is the text within the brackets.

Everything should be upper case, . Used in logging and internal metrics and in clustering info. This path is usually specified via command line in the init. How long temporary images in data directory should be kept. Use 0 to never clean up temporary files.

Path to where Grafana will store logs. It can be overridden in the configuration file or in the default environment variable file. Folder that contains provisioning config files that grafana will apply on startup. The IP address to bind to.

The port to bind to, defaults to 3000. Note Grafana versions earlier than 3. So we strongly recommend to upgrade to 3. Please make sure that Grafana has appropriate permissions. Redirect to correct domain if host header does not match domain.

Note This setting is also important if you have a reverse proxy in front of Grafana that exposes it through a subpath. In that case add the subpath to the end of this URL setting. Default to public which is why the Grafana binary needs to be executed with working directory set to the installation path. Set this option to true to enable HTTP compression, this can improve transfer speed and bandwidth utilization. It is recommended that most users set it to true. By default it is set to false for compatibility reasons.