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Notions de base Forex Trading

Maryland was detained and turned over to the Secret Service which will likely soon charge him with threatening the president. I fully and absolutely agree with the Secret Service pursuing this case, since anyone who notions de base Forex Trading the president is breaking the law and should be prosecuted.

It doesn’t matter that Obama was not at the meeting nor that the man was unarmed: the threat all on its own is a federal crime, according to the United States Code. I support the arrest and prosecution of any person who threatens Obama or any president of the United States. But the story of this arrest got me to thinking: Why was no one ever arrested for threatening President Bush at protests, when they displayed signs in public that called for his death? The answer is obvious: no protester was ever arrested for threatening Bush at a protest because no one ever threatened him at a protest. I certainly never heard of any such threats.

Alas, if only it were that simple. Because the bald fact is that people threatened Bush at protests all the time by displaying menacing signs and messages — exactly as the anti-Obama protester just did in Maryland. Because this essay exists for one reason only: To prove beyond any doubt that explicit and implicit threats to Bush’s life were commonly displayed at public protests throughout his term as president. Below this introduction you will find dozens of examples of such threats — unaltered photographs from a wide variety of sources, along with links verifying their authenticity.

Just show us the pictures already! If you want to get straight to the action and not bother with reading the rest of this introduction, simply scroll down a short way to see the pictures right now. But if you’re outraged by the very existence of this report, or curious about my motivations for publishing it, then please take a few minutes to read the following explanation. I am not publishing this essay in order to make excuses for anyone who has threatened President Obama, or who plans to threaten him in the future. I’m not trying to claim that death threats against Bush in the past justify threats against Obama now. What I’m saying is that present-day threats to Obama at protests should be investigated — yet previous threats to Bush at protests weren’t investigated, which I think is inexcusable. Am I calling the Secret Service incompetent?

No — I am not calling the Secret Service incompetent. In fact, I’m pointing the finger of blame in an entirely different direction. I’m quite sure that the Secret Service always dutifully investigates any threat to the president of which it becomes aware. But that’s the key right there: of which it becomes aware. The Secret Service has only a limited budget and a limited number of investigators, and so can’t be present to witness every potential threat as it appears.

I contend that the media is aggressively reporting on, highlighting and pursuing any and all possible threats to President Obama — and even hints of threats — but they purposely glossed over, ignored or failed to report similar threats to President Bush. Obama over those against President Bush. This is similar to the famous paradox about rape awareness programs. Researchers were long mystified as to why incidents of rape in a city or a social group seemed to invariably rise after rape awareness campaigns drew attention to the problem in order to help solve it. The end result is that more threats to Obama are being reported. After scanning the pictures below of death threats against Bush, ask yourself: Holy cow — why was I never aware of these at the time?

The reason: Because the media intentionally failed to report on them. Which is why both the average American and the Secret Service never became aware of many of these protest threats. So now when a single protester shows up at an anti-Obama rally displaying a death threat, he is immediately pounced upon by the media and the Secret Service. Whereas in the past when protesters by the dozen threatened Bush, the media turned a blind eye, and the threateners got off scot-free. Every threat to Obama is now vigorously pursued, trumpeted and dissected by the media and the blogs, and roundly condemned. And I condemn such threats as well. All I am saying is that threats to Bush should have been similarly pursued — but weren’t.