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However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Sell diamonds for cash UK, sell diamond ring, jewellery, engagement ring, scrap diamonds, we buy diamonds, howcashfordiamonds. How to assess the carat weight of your diamond? How to assess the clarity of your diamond?

How to assess the colour of your diamond? How to work out the price of your gold and platinum in your diamond jewellery? We will purchase any diamond from 0. Please enter only the weight of individual diamonds, not a total weight of assorted diamonds. A diamond’s weight is measured in what is known as a ‘carat’, which is a small unit of measurement equal to 200 milligrams. Carat is not a measure of a diamond’s size, since cutting a diamond to different proportions can affect its weight.

Diamond Shape Diamonds come in all shapes imaginable and diamond cutters are still experimenting to discover more. A diamond cutter’s skill will produce a diamond of the greatest size with the fewest flaws and the most brilliance from the rough stone. Diamond Colour Diamonds graded D – F are the rarest and most expensive, whereas the ones graded G – J are seemingly colourless to the untrained eye. Diamonds with grades K – Z are more noticebly yellower. Diamond Certificate Number Please enter the certificate number for your diamond if you know it as this will help us to locate its details.

How did you hear about us? Royal Mail Special Delivery only, enclosing a copy of this quote. The price given above is just an indication. The minimum diamond weight that we can accept is 0. Any diamond pack sent back to us with a diamond weight below 0. Please print two copies of this form. Keep one copy for your records and put the other in the pack with your diamond.

Sell diamonds – we provide FREE valuations for diamonds, gold, platinum or silver jewellery and offer excellent prices which are market leading. Sell diamonds to HOW Cash for Diamonds in the knowledge that this is the best place to sell your diamonds. We are a diamond ring buyer specialist so if you are looking for the best place to sell a diamond ring for instant cash, then HOW Cash for Diamonds can advise you and guide you through the sale process. Sell diamonds : use our diamond price calculator. Our customers ask ‘How much can I get for my diamond ring?

How to sell a diamond or jewellery for the most money? Where can I get the best price for my diamond ring or diamond jewellery? HOW Cash for Diamonds prices are market leading and our initial evaluations are as accurate as possible. We buy diamonds of any size, shape or grade, even broken or in poor condition. You can sell diamond rings from the most expensive designs to the smallest diamond jewellery item. How much can I get for my diamond?

Obviously this is the single most important question when you are considering selling a piece of diamond jewellery. CARAT: how much does the diamond weigh? COLOUR: does the diamond look yellow? CLARITY: can you see any ‘stuff’ in the diamond? CUT: how well does a diamond reflect light?

Once these four factors are known, we can determine how much your diamond is worth. To make this process as quick as possible we have come up with the Sell Diamond Price Calculator that will allow us to quickly place a value on your diamond. 100,000, and settle the transaction direct into your account the same day. We pride ourselves by inviting any of our customers to our premises from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday, except bank holidays. If you are unable to visit our premises, we have probably the World’s First Online Diamond Evaluator. Simply enter all the details about your diamond, and once our Diamond Calculator has evaluated a price for your diamond, keep one copy for yourself, and put a copy of this with the goods that you are sending to us by Royal Mail Insured Delivery. Then just press ‘Calculate Price’, and you will get an instant guideline to what we will be able to pay you.