La divisa diaria

La divisa diaria

Please check you have the correct postal address. The PO la divisa diaria will be deactivated in March 2018. You can find the new address on the subscription form.

We are changing the flash files so that they can now work on tablets. Spanish: more activities in the KS3 el cuerpo section. French: I am working on the KS3 Le corps this week. Schule, die Ferien, die Freizeit und wo ich wohne. German: I have added a few more games in the die Beschreibungen section. Spanish writing clocks: mi colegio , las descripciones, el tiempo libre, las vacaciones, la ciudad. I am working on Las descripciones – only the quizzes to add.

I have added a few more activities in the Les descriptions section. I will be uploading the Spanish Writing clocks this week. I have added a few of my ‘writing clocks’ I have been using with my year 7 and 8 – to help them with their writing. When they get stuck with a section, they call the time in the target language! Mon collège, Mon sportif préféré, Mes passe-temps , Mes vacances, Là où j’habite, and more to come! More games and quizzes on Los colores.

I have added a lot of games and quizzes to KS3 les couleurs. I live, the colours, the age and revision. German and I am doing the Italian this week more to come in this section. KS2 ich wohne is now done with new games on. I will be adding the new noughts and crosses for the Mandarin sections in the next few weeks. A new game is on: Egg splat.

At the moment, there is only one: Die Familie. A lot more to come in the KS2 sections. KS2 Familie ist done with more games and quizzes added. KS2 Ich – is done with new games and quizzes.

I am working on the ks2 WANN – I have jsut added a few more gaems: quiz and Match and updated the files so that they work on tablets. More to come in this section. KS2 : Die Welt, die Flagge, Europa and Wie geht’s? L’Halloween: I am working on this section this week to make it tablet compatible. The 123fr section is almost done – I still have a few activities that require flash but most of them now work on tablets. I have just added a few more games in the KS2 les dates section. The section Quisiera, los animales and los deportes are done.

I have added a few games to ks2 la famille: match-up, shark and snails. 5 new quizzes on LAS FECHAS. MA and adding new quizzes and also trying to get rid of the small screen problem with some of the games. I have rejuggled the lay out of some of the sections but all activities are still there.

KS2 French is done and is now working on tablets. Again, there are still some activities to be edited and changed from flash to html5 but we are working on it. The Italian sections KS2 and KS3 are almost completed so that they work on tablets. There are still a few flash based activities but we are working on it. I have edited the Olympic activities – the drag and drops to match the winter olympics. Grade or no grade on Taschengeld.

I have added a list of infinitive contructions with Zu in German. I have finally uploaded all the Spanish hand outs they are in KS4 Gramática section. If you find any mistakes, let me know. 5 Vocab lists for KS4 Freizeit and a few more games. A few more games in the KS4 Die Schule section. 3 vocab lists for KS4 Die Schule.