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Determining the link between data breaches and identity theft is challenging, primarily because identity theft victims often do not know how their personal information was obtained, and identity theft is not always detectable by the individual victims, according to a report done for the FTC. An October 2010 article entitled “Cyber Crime Made Easy” explained the level to which hackers are using malicious software. As Gunter Ollmann, Chief Technology Officer of security at Microsoft, said, “Interested in credit card theft? In this situation the identity thief impersonates someone else in order to conceal their own true identity. Examples are illegal immigrants hiding their illegal status, people hiding from creditors or other individuals, and those who simply want to become “anonymous” for personal reasons.

When a criminal fraudulently identifies themselves to police as another individual at the point of arrest, it is sometimes referred to as “Criminal Identity Theft. In some cases, criminals have previously obtained state-issued identity documents using credentials stolen from others, or have simply presented a fake ID. It can be difficult for the victim of a criminal identity theft to clear their record. The steps required to clear the victim’s incorrect criminal record depend in which jurisdiction the crime occurred and whether the true identity of the criminal can be determined. A variation of identity theft which has recently become more common is synthetic identity theft, in which identities are completely or partially fabricated.

The most common technique involves combining a real social security number with a name and birthdate other than the ones associated with the number. Privacy researcher Pam Dixon, the founder of the World Privacy Forum, coined the term medical identity theft and released the first major report about this issue in 2006. In the report, she defined the crime for the first time and made the plight of victims public. The report’s definition of the crime is that medical identity theft occurs when someone seeks medical care under the identity of another person. Child identity theft occurs when a minor’s identity is used by another person for the impostor’s personal gain. The impostor can be a family member, a friend, or even a stranger who targets children.

The Social Security numbers of children are valued because they do not have any information associated with them. Thieves can establish lines of credit, obtain driver’s licenses, or even buy a house using a child’s identity. It was also estimated that in 2008 630,000 people under the age of 19 were victims of theft. Not only are children in general big targets of identity theft but children who are in foster care are even bigger targets. This is because they are most likely moved around quite frequently and their SSN is being shared with multiple people and agencies. Foster children are even more victims of identity theft within their own family and other relatives.