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Located in the posterior hypothalamus near the wall of the third ventricle is an area called the primary motor center for shivering. Increased muscular activity results in the generation of heat as a byproduct. Most often, when the purpose of the muscle activity is to produce motion, the heat is wasted energy. In shivering, the heat is the main intended product and is utilized for warmth.

Shivering can also appear after surgery. This is known as postanesthetic shivering. In humans, shivering can also be caused by mere cognition . The functional capacity of the thermoregulatory system alters with aging, reducing the resistance of elderly people to extreme temperatures. The shiver response may be greatly diminished or even absent in the elderly, resulting in a significant drop in mean deep body temperature upon exposure to cold. Standard tests of thermoregulatory function show a markedly different rate of decline of thermoregulatory processes in different individuals with ageing. Thrills in response to music and other stimuli.

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