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The following discussion has been based on angles of the CCIindicator. The challenge with calculation of angles is that the xcoordinates are measured in time units while the y coordinates are in pricepoints or in this case is CCI value points. How do we learn the maximum number of orders? 4 program : How do we learn the maximum number of orders?

How do we learn the maximum number of orders that can be opened? I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you’re from Indonesia, please comment this topic. Dear, I have a product EA that not work optimize in MQL5 cloud. Same setting why i select MQL5 cloud then only show all 0 profit but when i select Local Agent then it will work. I don’t know where the product it. My others EA working well only this product not work.

MQL 5 cloud service can not work since last week,I charge 200 dollars ,and now i need it to work seriously,what is the problem? I have been trying to place a sell order through my EA and have run into several issues. Here is my current code, I get failed market sell 100. Hi everybody, I am new at MQL4 coding.

I have searched on the forum but I didn’t find any answer or explanation. However since last Friday, I do not receive any new work to do. Hi Everyone If you were to buy an MT4 signal from a seller in MQL5, What would you be looking for? Will there be an update that allows us to give out coupon codes for discounts on our products in the market? Currently I have to lower my price for 24 hours for someone if I want to discount something.