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This article needs additional citations for verification. Formação Forex Midshipmen being commissioned in May 2004.

United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. A pilot Naval Reserve unit was established in September 1924 at St. It let the Navy test the concept before establishing its regular units. Department of the Navy established the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. Naval ROTC system, graduates become active duty officers, rather than reserve officers, and are required to serve a term of 5 years for the Navy Option and 4 years for the Marine and Nurse Options. Starting in 2009, the scholarship program was changed to narrowly favor STEM degrees at the expense of the humanities. The majority of NROTC Midshipmen join the program immediately after completing high school.

Those Midshipmen are either Scholarship or College Program Midshipmen. Some NROTC students have served as enlisted men or women in the Navy or Marine Corps. The highly selective application process involves an extensive written application and an interview with a Navy representative. College Program Midshipmen are those who join Naval ROTC without a scholarship. They complete all activities and requirements of scholarship midshipmen and if they continue in the program for four years will also be commissioned as Ensigns or Second Lieutenants.

They will often be offered a scholarship by the Navy if they perform well academically and within the ROTC program. ROTC program and are referred to as “Officer Candidates. 11 GI Bill to pay for school. Most college NROTC units are only a part-time commitment during a student’s course of study at a university or college.

The training is usually in the late afternoon after most classes have ended for the day, or in early mornings before classes. It is common for Marine Option midshipmen and MECEPs to have additional physical training days. In addition to those activities, there are regularly scheduled classes in Naval Science that must be taken on top of the usual college load. The classes are in Naval history, Naval engineering and weapons, leadership and ethics, and other areas.

There are a few ROTC programs that do not follow this model, and instead require a full-time commitment from midshipmen during the school year. NROTC students who are on scholarship participate in a summer cruise in the fleet, to get hands-on training with real Navy personnel and equipment. In the next two summers, Navy Option scholarship midshipmen spend time with either a surface ship, submarine, or aviation squadron. Aviation cruises are only available to Midshipmen for their First Class Cruise. For each summer cruise, they select which warfare community they would prefer to train with and are given the opportunity to train around the world. The summer cruise in between the sophomore and junior years is referred to as the second-class cruise. Marine Option Midshipmen attend the Marine Corps’ Mountain Warfare Training Center for the second summer.

In recent years they have been attached to Marine units undergoing the summer training package. They learn high altitude survival techniques and undergo high altitude conditioning. It is often jokingly called “OCS prep. College Program midshipmen must either obtain the scholarship before their junior year or receive “advanced standing”. In either case the midshipmen will only attend the first class summer cruise or OCS for Marine Options. NROTC students are generally issued several types of uniforms, all for them to keep. Midshipmen wear a garrison cover with a fouled anchor for the Khakis, and a combination cover with a fouled anchor and a gold strap with the Whites and SDBs.