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Forex charts assist the investor by providing a visual representation of exchange rate fluctuations. Many variables affect currency exchange rates, such as interest rates, bank policies, geopolitics, and even the time of day may affect exchange rates. Investment in gold bullion means that your money is protected from inflation. A reason enough for why you should invest in gold bullion. For gold bullion coins collecting as well as other precious metal investments, you must be aware of gold, silver, platinum bullion rates.

For those who keep their money in prize bonds. Prize bonds are issued by the government of Pakistan. Prize bonds are similar to cash because you can buy a prize bond from any bank and sell it to anyone. The government in turn holds draws and gives cash prizes to the winners.

However these are only the indicative rates as forex rates keep on changing minute to minute. Pak Army general who served as the 9th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army, from 29 November 2013 to 29 November 2016. He is largely considered to be the one of the most popular army generals in the country’s history. Under General Raheel Sharif’s command, the Army carried out operations in North Waziristan, namely Operation Zarb-e-Azb which stabilized the North-west of the country. General Sharif achieved his objectives by strengthening the role of the military in affairs directly concerning national security and foreign policy, while leaving the civilian government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in control of social and economic policy. He became the first Pakistani general to retire on time and not seek an extension in over twenty years. General Sharif said that he was “ready to serve Pakistan” even after his retirement through helping military veterans.

General Raheel Sharif was born in Quetta, capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. In time, he was assigned command of the 11th Infantry Division in Lahore by General Pervez Musharraf. After commanding the division for over two years, he was posted as Commandant of the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. As the Inspector General for Training and Evaluation, he enhanced the military colleges in the country and provided unconventional warfare training to the troops. He also deals with the evaluation of military doctrines and war strategies with a view to shaping future training programs. General Sharif has spearheaded a thinking in Pakistan military since 2007 that fighting Taliban inside Pakistan is more important than focusing on India, Pakistan’s arch rival since independence. On 27 November 2013, Sharif was appointed as the 9th Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to sources, General Sharif is said to be uninterested in politics with very positive and balanced views. But he was elevated over two more senior generals. According to The Economist, “Unlike his predecessors, General Sharif appears to see jihadists, principally in the form of Pakistan’s own Taliban, as the country’s greatest threat, and has sought the help of the Americans in countering it. In April 2017, Raheel got the approval of the Government of Pakistan to serve as head of a Saudi-led 39-nation Islamic military alliance. In an interview ex-army chief Pervaiz Musharraf said Raheel Sharif helped him escape the trial and get out of country by “influencing the courts”, thereby relieving them from government pressure.

Raheel Sharif’s action of taking up a Saudi employment right after retirement was questioned both by the public and lawmakers. His joining Saudi alliance was also seen as stressing Pakistan relations with Iran. Luck plays role in Gen Sharif’s promotion”. Official Profile of Chief of Army Staff”.