Forex nyheter net

Forex nyheter net

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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. 85 exchange rate equates to 0. And current share price is a 0. Particularly liked the Tasiast vs Kinross sections page.

7p all because of distressed selling? That’s up from other day when I got some for 0. 70, was also nt to sell at that time. 40km and it’ll be looking ready to go here. Big sellers creating bargains all over recently. Still holding this since they came on aim. Holding for the long term investment, so i’m only checking the news and sp every few weeks.

Now its time to wait and see where we go from here. Hi Dave thanks for the reply ,Completely agree with you on all counts Buddy ,Your thoughts have been posted on HCOPPER ,because they thoughtful and trueful which is rare on a lot of these boards ,Trade messages me regularly and hes very pro AURA as am i , REF. Hi gdawg thanks for that, it’s coincidental that I had an email re water at tiris written and close to being sent when I read Trades kindly shared response. I had some extra areas of enquiry not touched on but have not decided to send or not yet. Ive been a bit surprised by the sp drop, I wouldnt have been at all if we were only on aim but with the lack of mm mechanism on asx it’s harder to reconcile.

General interest for people looking in, since haggan is years from production, yet another potential long term measure of reassurance re environmental consequences of long term leachate escape. Would be best if they overturn U related ban so we can possibly viably extract and sell much as possible before storage tho – better for project economics and for enviro. Maybe worse for project commencement timescale tho. Tiris water info, this is admitted very broad brush but is the best info I have so far found. It’s the usgs pdf doc – good background.

Tiris located in red area near the 85ish degree angle part of border with Mali in top right. I think this really highlights the realism of tiris production by comparison, especially when considering the opinion of JB and DG in regards which deposits tgey see as realistically getting to production in next cycle and their comments towards Salamanca. Numpty hear bottled out of buying bky under 10p, looking at wuc again very much tho at the minute. Movement there counteracts my thoughts that money was temporary being moved to capitalise to the max on a positive 232 outcome then work it’s way back here and others, who knows? Recent geophysics indicates shallow mineralised shale extends at least 3km to N of haggan into undrilled areas. Forrests and fields no significant watercoarses visible on satellite image, plenty of exploration upside. Tiris handling issues resolved nice to hear, at what cost?

Govt holding out on one of 3 permits in exploitation application. Water still the biggy for me. Thing is tho, seen it happen so often just before a big moves. Hopefully that’s where this is going and the move is up. Keeping plenty back in case things drag to isa allowance.