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Forex mille

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This feature allows your visitors to initiate emails by clicking the link. CLIQ System -currently Siena University for foreigners, Perugia University for foreigners, University of Roma Tre, and Dante Alighieri Society. It’s still unclear at what point you will be requested to show your language certificate or if the new language requirement applies to only new applicants who have uploaded their applications to the Ministero dell’Interno website after 4 December 2018, or for all applicants who are in the process of gaining Italian citizenship. I’ve emailed the Prefettura di Venezia for information, but they ignored that part of my question. I’ve recently applied for my Italian citizenship. And while my application was accepted and I had my appointment at the Italian consulate in London, I now have to sit and wait for maximum of two years to get my letter that says I’m officially Italian.

For those of you who have to go through the same thing, I’m going to tell you how to do it. Prepare yourself to spend some cash on translations, certifications, fingerprints, and apostilles. I uploaded the documents in the wrong way. Once the consulate accepts your application you will be called in for an interview to hand in your documents, sign the application and pay for the certifications of the photocopies of you and your spouse’s passports and translation of the UK police certificate. The consulate will send your documents to the Ministero dell’Interno where they will then process it and then inform the consulate. You will then get a letter that you are officially an Italian citizen. I applied online in Dec 2016 and didn’t get my appointment at the consulate until Oct 2017.

In the meantime, I wrote to the consulate numerous times and only when I told them that I was moving back to Italy that I got a response — first they looked at my application online and then they called me for an interview. If you apply for citizenship within Italy, the process can be a lot faster. Once we move to Italy, I may hear from the Italian government sooner as the answer will no longer have to go through the consulate, but I’m preparing myself for the worst and maybe I’ll be presently surprised. While Italian bureacracy is a soul-crushing bitch, after seeing what other friends and family members have gone through, this isn’t as complicated as getting British citizenship or a US greencard.

Italian Citizenship through Marriage — documents you need If you are married to an Italian citizen, you are eligible for citizenship after being 2 years of marriage if you reside in Italy and 3 years if you live abroad. Since I’m an American from New York that resides in the UK, I’m going to tell you what I need to specifically get. Substitute your country and state where applicable. Estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio. This is a document issued by the Italian municipality where the Italian spouse is registered and has had the marriage registered. Since me and D registered our marriage at the Consulate in London, we don’t need this form since they already have us on record.