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Forex Markets

FBS has terms and conditions that forex Markets have to abide to, to get the money. Fbs moved my pending orders and triggered my trades, what a scam.

FBS literally move my pending order with about 15 pips while I was trading fundamental. They claim to be a true and fair broker while they are scamming us. I am just wondering why all this bad reviews keeps coming up, i remember when i wanted to open an account with FBS last year, i read a lot of negative comments about them. Thank you guys for the reviews, you helped some of us. FBS broker its not a scam. Hi there, I’m new to Fbs was referred by a friend who said he never experienced any problems with you guys so I decided to jump in.

I provided all the information that was require when in was trying to open an account. Please, kindly be informed that a client can use only one verified Personal Area. In case we see that a client already has one verified Personal Area, we ban the opportunity to verify new Personal Area. We are happy that you are making a right conclusions from your experience.

In order to help you in that we suggest to visit the educations section on our website, there you can find a lot of useful information for improving your trading skills. We wish you happy and profitable trading! If your wise stay away from FBS. It is easy to make deposit with them but really hard to withdraw.

I am struggling to get part of my money for a week without an success. We would love to investigate your situation and do our best to help you, but, unfortunately, you didn’t write account number or any other contact information which could help us to find the details in our system. Please, kindly be noted that in most cases withdrawal may be rejected if a client chooses incorrect payment system or has to provide additional information. Its easy to deposit but very hard to withdraw your money from FBS.

I am struggling for about week to get part of my money. I am trying for more than one week to withdraw from my account and I couldn’t . The company’s anti-money laundering policies and procedures are designed to meet the requirements of the legislation by minimizing the opportunity for customers to engage in money laundering activities through transactions in the Forex markets. The card copies are needed to prove that the card belongs to the client and to exclude any fraudulent activity. I provided the ID and 2credit card copies.

They are keeping asking for more. 10 to my account recently and made some profit. I logged on to mt4 and my money disappeared I was left with 0. In case you have any doubts about some of your orders being executed accurately, please, send us an official claim with all the necessary information about your issues. I have few thousand dollars deposit in FBS. When you want to withdraw the money using your visa or Mastercard card that use for the deposit, the money will credited to your visa card as informed by the customer service.

Please, kindly be noted that according to the Customer Agreement, if an account has been deposited by a debit or a credit card, the funds will be credited back to the card. As for the delay, could you, please, kindly clarify what do you mean exactly? Mastercard, there is an option to attach the scanned copies of the card, therefore the card is verified during the withdrawal process and it doesn’t take much time. 50 bonus than what meets the eye. Im surprised this broker is still operating. I recently opened an account and made a cash deposite, but when I try to logon to MT4 it keeps on saying “Authorisation failed. In this case we may recommend you to try to type your password instead of copying.

If that does not work you can generate new trading password and try to log in with the new one. But when I try to withdraw my profit it says insufficient funds. Please, kindly provide us with your account number so we could check your issue. Also, please, kindly make sure that all your trading orders are closed during the withdrawal. Otherwise your request can be rejected with “insufficient funds” comment automatically.