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Forex leben

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Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Do they have 15 days to decide on whether or not they’ll change their mind? That’s a much more sensible approach than the constant Colin haranguing we have had from some. If John had been there from earlier he probably would have argued the oil and gas case a lot better than Cameron Davies appears to have done with the Slovene government, as the previous oil and gas expert on the Board. G company, he would have had the expertise. The BoD now has a much better balance of expertise. Get the politics sorted and the known gas resource with ten existing wells will be flowing, with a little stimulation help.

They should of also taken this stance with the permits from the start, it’s ok playing nice but this is business and a strong legal stand should of been taken the moment they had apparently illegally taken the ippc permit away. Believe our days under 1p are nearly up, however if it does continue like this then I’m out after the next agm, I know Colin is not to blame for the permit situation but he is ceo and as such should of had plans and solutions for some of the problems we currently have. Colin certainly has the staying power. If he doesn’t we can always have Theresa May, she’ll be looking for a job soon. Staying power is all she has. The only person who can ‘give up’ gell is the CEO Colin. We can just sit and watch.

If you are advising people to sell then that is up to the individual share holders and not for you to say. Mis-count the days , this corrupt bent country , mis-count months and years no problem it does not matter . If its working days 15 days will not be up until 29th March which is next friday. 9th March to 23rd is 15 days, which is today, Saturday. Presumably they submitted the appeal on Friday, but why no RNS? Has been an amazing investment investment for grab all Colin. He has invested approx 8k and in return trousered hundreds of thousands of pounds.