Forex bluff

Forex bluff

Beware the Young Stocks Bear Market! Yield Curves, 2yr Yield, SPX Stocks and a Crack Up Boom? Which Currency Pairs Stand to Forex bluff from Prevailing Risk Aversion? Will Bridging Loans Grow in Demand and Usage in 2019?

Does Fed Know Something Gold Investors Do Not Know? Will the Fed Cut its Interest Rate Forecast, Pushing Gold Higher? Will the Stock Market Crash Like 1937? UKIP Urged to Change Name to BNP 2. Technical analyst Clive Maund explains why the dollar breakdown after the Fed’s rate announcement is good news for precious metals. The Fed statement that it won’t be raising rates again this year had a dramatic effect on both the dollar and the precious metals sector.

The dollar had been struggling to make further progress for some time and the Fed statement kicked the crutches out from under it, and it broke sharply lower, as we can see on its latest 1-year chart below. It broke below its 200-day moving average, the 1st time it has been below it for almost a year, and it also broke it down below its uptrend. After the Fed’s surprise move, the dust is getting settled. We are seeing serious reprising across many currency pairs. Sharp movements practically anywhere you look today. With the euro, the yen or the Canadian dollar? It’s hard to choose the winner among all the moves in our favor.

Let’s shine more light into every pair covered so that you are as prepared for what lies ahead as we are. Although cryptocurrencies lost significant value during 2018, most of the major tokens had a decent performance so far in 2019. Today we’ll look at Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin, in order to help you understand the price action context and potentially find some good trading opportunities. Those of you familiar with online trading on cryptocurrencies, already know that Bitcoin started to edge higher since December 15th. This week, Argentina released its February inflation statistics. Indeed, the official annual inflation rate jumped to 51.

Each day, I accurately measure Argentina’s inflation using high-frequency data and Purchasing Power Parity theory. That’s nearly double the official rate reported for the end of February. When it comes to analysis of gold, the U. Dollar Index finds nearly universal acceptance. While they won’t say it straight out, most of them see the U.