Forex banka

Forex banka

Argin holds a degree and MBA in Business Administration from Uludag University and Ph. He has an experience of more than 20 years in the banking sector. His career started as an Internal Auditor in Garanti Bank. Karli, was graduated from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Forex banka and Adm.

Sciences, Department of International Relations on 2000 and Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Art and Science, Department of Mathematic on 1997. Karli has been also qualified by İstanbul University, Institute of Money, Financial Markets and Corporate Finance. Karli has been working in Retail Banking at T. Yaşar holds a degree in Economics from Istanbul University and completed his MBA studies in a collaborative project of LSE and IEB, in the field of Responsible Banking. Having 18 years of working experience, Yaşar started his banking career in 2000 as an Auditor at HSBC Bank A. He has worked in Aktif Bank A.

Since 2018, he has been appointed as Audit Committee Member and Board Member at Aktif Bank and Audit Committee Member of BKT Kosova. ESBG and also a member of IIA Albania. Pekin, a graduate of Lycee de Galatasaray and Marmara University economics faculty, received his MA degree in EUR payment systems from the same university. Mr Pekin has joined BKT in October’03 as Treasurer. Before joining BKT, Mr Pekin was responsible from the NPLs’ Valuation Project in Turkish Saving Deposit and Insurance Fund and had more than seven years treasury department experience in various positions. Pekin is presently an elected Board Member of Albanian Forex Club Association. Ndue Maluta was graduated in 1989 from Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Finance.

His banking career started in 1995 when he joined Banka Kombëtare Tregtare as working as manager of one of BKT branches. He has an experience of more than 22 years in BKT. Control Division and starting from 2001 he holds the position of Compliance Officer. In 2011, he was appointed Head of Risk Management Group of Banka Kombetare Tregtare. Emini was graduated in 1998 from the University of Istanbul and holds a Bachelor degree in Economics. He also holds a Master degree in Finance from Tirana University. Before joining BKT he has worked in Istanbul at Rodi Giyim San.

Accounting and Finance Department Chief, then in 2000 he has worked in Kentbank at the Internal Audit Department. Economics from Middle East Technical University of Ankara and an MBA from Epoka University in Tirana. After graduation she worked for Kentbank in Istanbul as Internal Auditor. Banka Kombëtare Tregtare as Internal Auditor.

From 2003, she has held managerial positions in BKT such as Retail Loans Department Manager, Operational and Market Risk Department Manager and Deputy Head of Internal Audit Group. The Gambia Financial System has evolved rapidly over the last several years, and is markedly liberalised now. Most interest rates are freely determined, direct controls have been eliminated, exchange controls abolished and the country has moved to indirect system of monetary controls using open market operations. These measures increased competition in the domestic financial system. Until the middle of the nineteenth century the recognised method of payment in The Gambia was by Cowrie Shells.

The earliest forms of “coin” were brass or copper rods and sometimes metal tokens. By 1880 silver coins, mainly in the form of French 5 Franc pieces, were in general use. To Achieve and Maintain Price and Exchange Stability Underpinned by a Sound and Vibrant Financial System to Encourage and Promote Sustainable Economic Development. The Central Bank of The Gambia has reprinted only D50 and D100 of 2012 family of Gambian bank notes as a temporary measure to meet the currency demand while the new family of notes is being printed. The only new feature on these notes is the signatures of the new Governor and the new First Deputy Governor.

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