Форекс нас

Форекс нас

You can, форекс нас I will immediately show you how. We can all argue about what is better Mac or Windows, but that is a personal choice. If you choose to have Mac or Windows you have your own reasons. In case you have Windows and you would like to have Mac Dock on your Widows 10, this post is just for you.

For me both OS’s have Pros and Cons. I love Mac style dock, but I also love Windows. I’m working as graphic and web designer, and I need to have everything on my desktop. I hate to minimize one software to open another one, so this makes my life easier. Now I can just hover over one side of my screen and have all software and URL shortcuts  that I need so I don’t have to search for them elsewhere.

This also works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. So, with that being said, I was researching ways to install Mac style dock on my Windows 10. This software will allow you to install Dock on Windows 10, Rocketdock also have a lot of functionality options, and it is FREE. So if you are just like me, searching for ways to make your Windows Interface more like Mac you are on right place. If you want to make this on your Windows 10, keep reading.

Here is step by step process. You can install it like every other software on your Windows 10. After you open it, here are some options I recommend you to modify. This is default Dock style that you will see on your Desktop after Rocketdock is opened. Default language is of course English. But they have a lot of other languages on their list. Other very important option is Run at Startup.

Check this option so you have this in your startup app list, and also you want this checked so you don’t run this manually every time you start your PC. Here you can see general dock settings. Now You need to Specify Icon functionality and settings. When new Item window opens up choose icon for your specific software shortcut.