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I’ve been living and traveling around Asia since April 2013. YOU what life is like on the road with only entrega Forex dollars a day. Why Monkey Abroad instead of Human Abroad? Drawing monkeys is a relaxing hobby of mine.

I worked as a cartoonist in university and published a comic strip about a strong yet naïve gorilla called MONKEYZILLA for the University Daily Kansan. Click here to view my collection of comics. I’m soooo excited and extremely proud of you! I can’t wait to read and follow you about your wonderful adventures abroad! Kevin, essayer d’apprendre autant de la langue et de la culture de la Thaïlande que vous pouvez avant que vous alliez.

Jennifer’s subtle way of pushing you to learn to speak and write some of the Thai language before you leave. Google translator is a great tool. Kevin, i like your video very much! I watched Kyle Le’s vblogs and happened to see you in his vblogs and I followed yours since the past two weeks. You are inspired and motivated me a lot with your positive attitude in your daily life hurdles in Shanghai and you are willing to adapt the new cultures in the Southeast Asia countries. I was born in Saigon and moved to America in 1981. I’ve lived in different parts in the US, and particular in Dallas for about 10 years and got my degree in HR from the UNT and started working for the public agencies since.

I moved back to the Little Saigon area in Orange County, CA, in 2001, where I first came to the US in 1981 and grew up from since. One thing I’d like to address to you is please do have your health checks regularly because the food in China, Vietnamese or anywhere in Southeast Asia is not regulated by their governments. You may not see the affects of the illnesses in general now but they may show signs when you get older. Let me know if you happen to come to the Wesminster area in Orange County, CA where the second largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam are and definitely with the authentic food such as pho, bun Bo Hue, com tam bi cha, banh mi thit nuong, etc. By the way, I just saw one of your videos about the jungle of sap trees in Thailand. There are also some jungles of sap trees in The Duc, Saigon, too. I do not have a Facebook acct.

I’m looking forward to seeing your new vblogs. I do know a little of Cantonese. I will be taking the ATI Thai TEFL course in November, and was wondering if you could answer a few quesitons I have about the same. If so, please let me know your email address. I am thinking about doing the Special Thai Project beginning this October and just have so many questions! How much out of pocket money should I plan on taking with me?