Donna forex

Donna forex

I wanted to write to let you know about my negative experience with your company and my disappointment. Donna forex have been a member of fabfitfun in the past and was always very happy with your service. She already has a subscription and I had already promised my 3 starter boxes to 3 other people.

I received this in my last box. I applied not once, but two separate times and this time my eyes were almost swollen shut. I can send a picture if you supply me with a proper email address. I cannot believe the situation I am in. I am not generally allergic to anything.

I paid using a capital one visa. This order was delivered on september 12, 2018. Ok so last season I was really upset because i’m an annual member and apparently it was their 5 year anniversary. My coworkers and I decided that we wanted to do a unboxing video for our summer box for fab fit fun, everyone box came different days which was fine until my box never came. 99 and I did not get a chance to add it online it took me to payment and withdraw 49. I had originally ordered a specific box, but when that box was no longer available, the informed me that they were going to send me a different box.

I did not want that other box, so I asked them to cancel it, but they shipped it out anyway! I should never have signed up for this. I have been wanting to try this forever! I should have received my box on the 4th of this month and have received nothing but excuse after excuse. They sent me a bad second box and I’m not happy about it.

Well, I got low-quality items and it’s normal that I’m disappointed. I think that these boxes have a simple, but a nice idea. It’s kinda a surprise for women, it’s unusual and it’s fun. I ordered the fall 2017 box plus add ons my total was over 100. I recieved my add ons but I did not get my box fedex said they delivered it but I never got it. This will be my third an last box from them there is no reason for it to take so long I have called three times an everyone gives me a different ship date my order was over 100.

And I cancelled my subscription after 2 or 3 shipment because of the shipment issue. They have privileged customers who get early shipping deliveries. And I am included on the not so privileged customers of them. I ordered my box in the middle of May of this year, it is now the end of June and I have no received anything. I signed up and ordered my first box. They charged me and later I received all the confirmations.

I signed up for a one year membership and ordered my first box. I was really happy when I received my first box, until I opened it! I really hope that my review will help someone. I have registered on the website www.