Divisas calendario de fábrica

Divisas calendario de fábrica

Do not use or leave the calculator under direct sunlight. Use a dry cloth to clean the casing of the unit. Do divisas calendario de fábrica use water or detergents.

Only use the printer when the paper roll is loaded. Do not place anything on top of the machine, particularly on top of the printer mechanism. Turn the calculator off before removing the plug from the electrical outlet. The outlet should be installed near the equipment and should be easily accessible. When inserting the paper, cut the edge of the paper as shown. Place the new paper roll on the arm. Insert the paper into the slit at the back of the machine as indicated.

Hold the tab of the ink roller. Lift the ink roller out of the base. To maintain clear printing, change the ink roller after about 8 rolls of printing paper have been used. Insert the new ink roller into position. Push down on the center of the ink roller until it locks into place.

Use only the Ink Roller CP-13. Entries and results will appear on the display, but will not be printed out. Entries and results will appear on the display and will be printed out. Set the switch to “CONV” position to perform currency conversion calculation functions. Entries and result will appear on the display and printout. 1 Specifying the Number of Decimal Places for Intermediate US Dollar Amounts. The flow of the steps of the conversions will be shown on the printout.

The intermediate US dollar amount is rounded off to the number of decimal places you specify. F is the initial default setting. 3 For rates of 1 or greater, you can input up to six digits. It is convenient for currency calculations.

All effective numbers up to 12 digits are printed or displayed. Used for round-up , round-off , or round-down button at the back of the calculator. Risk of explosion if battery is replaced with an incorrect type. The limited warranty set forth below is given by Canon U. Calculators returned to a Canon U.

Factory Service Center and proven to be defective upon inspection, will be exchanged at Canon U. Calculators covered by this limited warranty will be repaired at Canon U. Calculator, as to which batteries there shall be no warranty or replacement. Information Technology Services Center will refer you to the nearest Factory Service Center.