Действие Форекс

Действие Форекс

I’ve helped many traders to finally “see the light”. I started действие Форекс about and trading Forex about 8 months ago. So now I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of the marketing genres.

My own trading has been through some ups and downs, switching from one technique to another but basically coming back to some basic techniques. I found it hard to find clear and concise education, until I came across James Dude. The video education that is provided for free is among the best I have found anywhere There is no filler fluff. Straight to the point of the exercise, with clear explanations and chart graphics. Since I started following Trade Dudes my winners are greater than my losers. I am going to cut to the chase. I have a passion for the financial markets and trading.

I found myself with a great deal of time and a greater deal of debt. I thought that it would be simple, I would simply start day trading and that would solve both of my issues with time and debt. Well as I began to get more involved, I realized that even though I spent years in the markets, thinking I knew how to trade. After years of messing around with different systems I was on the point of giving up but I’m so glad I did not quit.

BUT still hasn’t got the confidence to trade. I am confident you will be able to help me. Before using trader dudes material I was getting to the point of giving up forex trading, my worst fault was losing money by getting my stops wrong not using other data to confirm my trade etc, getting stopped out then watching the profit I should have made come right. In frustration I would then chase the trade and lose more money. After using you tutorials I have started to trade less becoming far more choosey with the trades I put on.

Like you review of the markets and looking for consistent, profitable trading. My name is Alex and I am found Essex Uk. Well my story so far in trading the forex market is that previously I had relied heavily on a lot on fundamentals and technical indicators to trade the market, but this never turned out to be profitable at all. I started looking at price action activities did I try to understand the way the market works. Reading your emails and listening to your videos on forex price actions has opened my mind a lot, with your help I can now analyse and read my charts better. Your course is of great interest and I did love going through it.