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Must say the march reignited my pride in being British. We may be in a mess at the top but the people are still world leaders. What other country can put a million on the street for something that is not at its heart a pocketbook issue. Hope the Tories dump May for Lidington as an interim leader ASAP. Never has a British PM deserved being dumped more than May does right now.

Her mental health must now be under question. If Corbyn had been a better debater we might have seen her collapse at the dispatch box -which apparently there were plans for in case it happened so worried were officials she was on the verge of mental or physical collapse. The literal “men in white coats” scenario. Philip May is doing her no favours to urge her to carry on. It is destroying her not just as a politician but as a sane rational individual. What board will invite her now to some lucrative non exec role?

Dennis was a much better private advisor to Thatcher. Thatcher thus got out with her dignity in tact. To me certainly and to 17. How much net does EU membership cost the UK each year? What restrictions are there on us trading outside the UK that will not apply if we leave. Brum pop is made up of non EU immigrants,leaving the EU wont matter one way or the other with that.