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Communauté Forex

West African CFA franc, used in eight West African countries, and the Central African CFA franc, used communauté Forex six Central African countries. Both currencies are guaranteed by the French treasury. The CFA franc was created on 26 December 1945, along with the CFP franc. The reason for their creation was the weakness of the French franc immediately after World War II.

In a show of her generosity and selflessness, metropolitan France, wishing not to impose on her far-away daughters the consequences of her own poverty, is setting different exchange rates for their currency. The CFA franc was created with a fixed exchange rate versus the French franc. This exchange rate was changed only twice: in 1948 and in 1994. 1 January 1999: euro replaced FRF at the rate of 6.

The value of the CFA franc has been widely criticized as being too high, which many economists believe favours the urban elite of the African countries, who can buy imported manufactured goods cheaply at the expense of farmers who cannot easily export agricultural products. The devaluation of 1994 was an attempt to reduce these imbalances. Over time, the number of countries and territories using the CFA franc has changed as some countries began introducing their own separate currencies. A couple of nations in West Africa have also chosen to adopt the CFA franc since its introduction, despite the fact that they were never French colonies.

They are distinguished in French by the meaning of the abbreviation CFA. These eight countries have a combined population of 102. These six countries have a combined population of 45. In 1975, Central African CFA banknotes were issued with an obverse unique to each participating country, and common reverse, in a fashion similar to euro coins. Equatorial Guinea, the only former Spanish colony in the zone, adopted the CFA in 1984. A strong currency like the CFA franc makes exports from the CFA-franc zone much more costly than they would ordinarily be and as a result economic growth suffers accordingly. Since most of the countries that use the currency are poor, mostly agricultural economies, this has put a stranglehold on their trade and made them overly dependent upon continuing, privileged access to French and, though them, European markets.

Economic Integration and Development in Africa, Henry Kyambalesa, Mathurin C. Central Bank of West African States. Wikimedia Commons has media related to CFA franc. Passé et Avenir du Franc C. Общайтесь и обменивайтесь опытом на форуме с трейдерами всего мира и помогайте ответами новичкам — наше сообщество развивается вместе с вами. От теории к практике Добрый вечер, уважаемые трейдеры!