Com facile forex Www

Com facile forex Www

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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. This stock is jumping out at me.

We have but its got more upside than down . They have started cost saving to tune of a million a year every bit helps . I invested here with my eyes wide open just under 3k im prepared to lose it thats my problem however if haydale gets there act together 3k could turn into a nice few bob . Interesting to see Anthony best averaging down and increasingly holding from 4. I’m aware of the Newlands from other ventures. Nick Money has an amusing name so he’s alright by me.

Maybe be my last cash trade on AIM in 2019 so hope it’s a good one. Although Ray Gibbs has done much legwork in the far East, such as ‘Big sight’ exhibition, Tokyo – also attended by. MOLJEN thanks any way is it real i doubt it . There’s no link to an article. Rather like that RMP nonsense with the fake twitter account.

Its somebody called Reks who posted it, I’m just the postman and hoping your graphene supplier is V. It seems like the mkt cap was brought right down before placing, with minimal operational updates given – so what can we imagine the true mkt cap? Nice 90000 pound buy from yesterday . Early days yet will take time but could be the biggest earner on the aim this year if they get there act together . To me i know the pitfalls but i feel the upside is more than downside .