Binary option trick

Binary option trick

Legal binary option trick This package includes source code of 32-bit Disassembler and 32-bit single line Assembler for 80×86-compatible processors. 04 and is well proven by its numerous users. It does not decode SSI or SSI2 commands.

Disassembler assumes 32 bit code and data segments but correctly decodes prefixed 16-bit commands. I have used Borland C and do not guarantee that it will work with any other compiler. Please set the default character type to unsigned! 8-byte floating constant to text without causing exception. ASCII form to binary 32 bit code. Assemble doesn’t support 16 bit addresses. With some unimportant exceptions, 16 bit addresses cannot be used in Win32 programs.

This allows to generate imprecise search patterns, where mask contains zero bits at the positions occupied by imprecise operands in binary code. For example, patterns generated for command MOV R32,CONST will match both MOV EAX,1 and MOV ECX,12345678h. 0,1,2 to obtain all possible versions of the command. Checkcondition Checks whether 80×86 flags meet condition code in the command.

Returns 1 if condition is met and 0 if not. Initially, source code includes dummy function that returns 0. ASCII string and optionally comments this address. TEXTLEN bytes or NULL, receives comment associated with addr. DISASM_SIZE – quickly determines size of the command.

Use this mode if you want to walk through the code. DISASM_DATA – determines size and analyses operands. Use this mode for quick analysis, for example, if you need to calculate jump destination. DISASM_FILE – determines size, analyses operand and disassembles command, but doesn’t attempt to convert addresses to symbols. Function returns size of disassembled command.