Binary option robot apps

Binary option robot apps

We are Chennai based leading company engaged in supplying of electrical and automation systems for various industrial segments. For this binary option robot apps most manufacturing companies are looking for competent engineers with basic aptitude towards automation and ability to work on varied brands of PLCs, Drives, MMI and SCADA. This prompted us to enter in this business domain.

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Is there a way to link directly to the screen in the app store where they review the app? So the customer doesn’t have to click through the main app link. EDIT: starting a bounty on this due to the lack of response. Just to make sure it is crystal clear: I am aware that I can link to my app’s page in the store, and ask the user to click from there to the “review this app” screen. The question is whether it is possible to link directly to the “review this app” screen so they don’t have to click through anything. Xcode 5 – iOS 7 – Device!