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It’s the only unbiased info on the market that I’ve come across. 3-5 years” with their buy-to-let property franchise. 300,000 binary option robot applique available capital to build up your property portfolio. Platinum Property Partners doesn’t offer just a franchise.

They offer Joint Venture arrangements too, and they also offer Platinum Portfolio Builder, which is a passive investment option. 60,000 of available capital to acquire properties. Platinum Portfolio Builder Ltd in which Steven Bolton is the majority shareholder and whose founder directors – Steven Bolton, Richard Davies and Nicholas Carlile – are the same as the people who run Platinum Property Partners. Since December 2011, there has been no connection whatsoever between the two companies. Prior to this time there was a connection between the two businesses but this was ended by mutual agreement in December 2011. Before this date, however, the two businesses offered two very different business opportunities. Residential property rental is a good business to be in.

Platinum Property Partners say that their properties achieve extraordinary rental yields. The average national rental yield in the UK is 4. Buy-to-let index of LSL Property Services plc. Also, like just about every other property company I have come across, Platinum Property Partners claim that they can buy properties at a discount for their clients. Platinum Partners has coined the term “‘Below Surveyed Value’ because whereas ‘Market Value’ is a subjective concept ‘ Surveyed Value’ is something specific and tangible. These properties aren’t easy to find, but as long as someone is under time pressure to sell and this is greater than their need to maximinse the price of the property, then the strategy works. What’s important is to ensure this is done ethically, so it’s a win-win for both seller and investor.

However, Steve Bolton says that this is not correct. All references relating to Below Market Value purchasing in relation to PPP are not relevant and never have been applicable to PPP. They refer to Platinum Portfolio Builder Ltd, which has no connection with PPP. Portfolio of properties built in approx. Platinum Property Partners has been going since summer 2007 and it’s clearly a professional-looking company with a comprehensive list of services, training and help which they give to their franchisees and investors. What’s more, their franchise is registered with the British Franchise Association as an Associate Member. Update: Platinum Property Partners became a Full Member of the British Franchise Association in early 2012.

With their claims of high profitability and acquisition of properties at a large discount, The Platinum Property Partners franchise and Platinum Portfolio Builder certainly sounded too good to be true to us. And what safeguards do you have, with either the franchise or the passive investment options? In order to evaluate the Platinum Property Partners franchise and the Platinum Portfolio Builder passive investment scheme, we came up with fifteen questions which we sent to the company. The company’s replies and our conclusions are contained in our review . Total word count 33,816 – approx 43 pages long. Discover the truth about the Platinum Property Partners franchise and Platinum Portfolio Builder. Is it really as good as it sounds?