Binary option pdf

Binary option pdf

Cette page a été mise à jour le14 septembre 2009. RPG binary option pdf CL only, no JAVA.

Do not convert AFPDS, GDDM or IPDS spools. Because most spools are text only. Do not take care of PRTF attributes such as underline : heart of this tool is CPYFRMSPLF. Note : in the SystemI News dated 2008-08, the is a supplement about document management.

5761-TS1 is the AFP to PDF transform licensed program. I will test this as soon as I work on i6. LOGO parameter : to add one JPG or BMP file in the background of each page. SPLF2PDF is a now classic tool, but this one, I have write it completely myself. Copy it to a PC folder, for example with Navigator, and open it. May I have to install IFS ? OS : QSYS is a subfolder of IFS.

IFS welcomes many file systems, QSYS is one of them. The IFS root is an ASCII system. Forgot what type exactly, but it’s an Unix wise system. But go back to our PDF. So it will be written somewhere in the IFS in an ASCII system.

I strongly suggest for the first test of SPLF2PDF to choose “home” as root. IFS, automatically provided by the system. I have issue with IFSROOT and IFSFOLDER. Can you provide some sample ? SPLF2PDF to build the complete IFS path. This is done precisely in the RTVIFSNAM command.

I have do this to define in only one place the name of the root of all the files I extract from my SystemI . The machines I’ve done my testing on have all had the CCSID set to 285 for the UK, but I’ve just come to try it on another machine with a CCSID of 65535 and I’ve got a problem. PDF files are unreadable and I’m sure it’s to do with the CCSID. Do you have any idea what I could change in your source so it would allow for the default CCSID of 65535? Although I think the correct answer is to change the CCSID of the machine I am worried that if I do other software might be affected.

Your issue is exactly the CCSID. Trying to make PDF builder running under ccsid 65535 is not a goog idea. Updating a machine to work correctly with CCSID is a long process that need to be very carefull. I strongly suggest to use the same CCSID for the job that runs SPLF2PDF and for the source file that contains rpg code of SPLF2PDFR. I’m trying to use your program to convert spoolfile to pdf. CRLF, is it suppose to be something else?