0x7fffffff in binary option

0x7fffffff in binary option

HOW CAN I CONVERT SIGND packed decimal TO CHAR USE DFSORT? Post subject: HOW CAN I 0x7fffffff in binary option SIGND packed decimal TO CHAR USE DFSORT?

I want to convert a file’S signed packed decimal column to displayable and ftp this file from mainframe to unix. PLEASE HELP ME PINPOINT why this can abend and how to resolve it,thanks a lot! Your cobol definitions have no packed-decimal fields. Col 2 and 4 are definitions of binary numbers rather than packed-decimal numbers.

I am not very clear about what the difference between binary numbers and packed-decimal ,would you please give me some information about it ? Refer to the COBOL Language Reference manual for complete descriptions of binary and packed decimal. Here is a link to the cobol manual that describes different numeric data types. This is the link to the Table of Contents for the COBOL Language Reference – a good one to bookmark for regular use.

As this file is to be downloaded to unis, i’d suggest you create the file as a tab-delimited file which is quite usable on unix. Good luck – someone will be here if there are questions. Second, the format ‘BI’ is unsigned binary, for proper negative usage, you should use ‘FI’. Can I do the convertion and the sortting within one sort step?

SO MUST I DO this in two separate SORT job step? I want do this job in one step to reduce the batch window. 000001 832200002021  414030006080080100004           -100. 000002 701100000000  414030006080080200004            100. 000003 809100005007  414030006081170100004             -0. 000004 809100005007  414030006081170100004           -300. 000005 809100005007  414030006081170100004             -2.